Monday, 17 June 2013

How Nigella and Charles Saatchi can save their marriage

  1. They should issue a joint statement saying they are seeking relationship counselling.  (I am prepared to give them free advice, just to show everyone how good I am at this sort of thing.  I dealt with one such  couple some years back, and they are still together last time I spoke to her.  No, I have had no professional training.  Remember, I am the one who claims she can bring peace to the Middle East.  My solution can be found at
  2. Nigella should start taking self-defence classes.
  3. Nigella and Charles should throw a party to show they are OK with each other again.  
  4. Nigella should consider giving up her job as a TV cook because that is probably what's annoying him.

I wish them both well, I really do, and trust they can sort out their problems.  

If Nigella says nothing to contradict her husband's account, then all should be well.  Clearly, her adolescent children have behavioural issues and she should address that, because that is clearly annoying him too.  

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