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How Tory MPs could regain the respect of their voters


Dear Sir

I object to gay marriage, especially the attempt by a Conservative Prime Minister of all people to desecrate the institution of marriage, apparently at the behest of his unelected wife.  

Members of both the Lower and Upper House do not seem to know or care about the dangers to society of further cheapening the institution of marriage and it is not my intention to give up without a fight. It is right and proper that the proposer of this repugnant and destructive proposal should not escape condemnation, loss of status and loss of office.

It is therefore with a clear sense of purpose and principle that I add my name to the growing list of MPs who no longer have confidence in the Prime Minister.  

Yours faithfully

A Principled Tory MP

  1. Nigel Adams (Selby & Ainsty)
  2. Adam Afriyie (Windsor)
  3. Peter Aldous (Waveney)
  4. David Amess (Southend West)
  5. Richard Bacon (Norfolk South)
  6. Guto Bebb (Aberconwy)
  7. Henry Bellingham (Norfolk North West)
  8. Sir Paul Beresford (Mole Valley)
  9. Andrew Bingham (High Peak)
  10. Nicola Blackwood (Oxford West & Abingdon)
  11. Peter Bone (Wellingborough)
  12. Graham Brady (Altrincham & Sale West)
  13. Julian Brazier (Canterbury)
  14. Andrew Bridgen (Leicestershire North West)
  15. Steve Brine (Winchester)
  16. Fiona Bruce (Congleton)
  17. Robert Buckland (Swindon South)
  18. Simon Burns (Chelmsford)
  19. David Burrowes (Enfield Southgate)
  20. Douglas Carswell (Clacton)
  21. Bill Cash (Stone)
  22. Rehman Chishti (Gillingham & Rainham)
  23. Christopher Chope (Christchurch)
  24. Therese Coffey (Suffolk Coastal)
  25. Geoffrey Cox (Devon West & Torridge)
  26. Stephen Crabb (Preseli Pembrokeshire)
  27. David Davies (Monmouth)
  28. Glyn Davies (Montgomeryshire)
  29. Philip Davies (Shipley)
  30. David Davis (Haltemprice & Howden)
  31. Nick de Bois (Enfield North)
  32. Nadine Dorries (Bedfordshire Mid)
  33. Jackie Doyle-Price (Thurrock)
  34. Richard Drax (Dorset South)
  35. Philip Dunne (Ludlow)
  36. Charlie Elphicke (Dover)
  37. Graham Evans (Weaver Vale)
  38. Jonathan Evans (Cardiff North)
  39. David Evennett (Bexleyheath & Crayford)
  40. Dr Liam Fox (Somerset North)
  41. Mark Francois (Rayleigh & Wickford)
  42. George Freeman (Norfolk Mid)
  43. Roger Gale (Thanet North)
  44. Sir Edward Garnier (Harborough)
  45. Mark Garnier (Wyre Forest)
  46. Cheryl Gillan (Chesham & Amersham)
  47. John Glen (Salisbury)
  48. Robert Goodwill (Scarborough & Whitby)
  49. James Gray (Wiltshire North)
  50. Andrew Griffiths (Burton)
  51. Robert Halfon (Harlow)
  52. Simon Hart (Carmarthen West & Pembrokeshire South)
  53. Sir Alan Haselhurst (Saffron Walden)
  54. John Hayes (South Holland & The Deepings)
  55. Oliver Heald (Hertfordshire North East)
  56. Gordon Henderson (Sittingbourne & Sheppey)
  57. Philip Hollobone (Kettering)
  58. Adam Holloway (Gravesham)
  59. Sir Gerald Howarth (Aldershot)
  60. Stewart Jackson (Peterborough)
  61. Gareth Johnson (Dartford)
  62. David Jones (Clwyd West)
  63. Marcus Jones (Nuneaton)
  64. Chris Kelly (Dudley South)
  65. Kwasi Kwarteng (Spelthorne)
  66. Jeremy Lefroy (Stafford)
  67. Edward Leigh (Gainsborough)
  68. Julian Lewis (New Forest East)
  69. Ian Liddell-Grainger (Bridgwater & Somerset West)
  70. David Lidington (Aylesbury)
  71. Peter Lilley (Hitchin & Harpenden)
  72. Jonathan Lord (Woking)
  73. Tim Loughton (Worthing East & Shoreham)
  74. Karen Lumley (Redditch)
  75. Karl McCartney (Lincoln),
  76. Anne McIntosh (Thursk and Malton)
  77. Stephen McPartland (Stevenage)
  78. Esther McVey (Wirral West)
  79. Anne Main (St Albans)
  80. Paul Maynard (Blackpool North & Cleveleys)
  81. Stephen Metcalfe (Basildon South & Thurrock East)
  82. Anne Milton (Guildford)
  83. Nicky Morgan (Loughborough)
  84. Anne-Marie Morris (Newton Abbot)
  85. David Morris (Morecambe & Lunesdale)
  86. James Morris (Halesowen & Rowley Regis)
  87. Bob Neill (Bromley & Chislehurst)
  88. David Nuttall (Bury North)
  89. Stephen O’Brien (Eddisbury)
  90. Matthew Offord (Hendon)
  91. Jim Paice (Cambridgeshire South East)
  92. Neil Parish (Tiverton & Honiton)
  93. Priti Patel (Witham)
  94. Owen Paterson (Shropshire North)
  95. Mark Pawsey (Rugby)
  96. Mike Penning (Hemel Hempstead)
  97. Mark Pritchard (Wrekin, The)
  98. John Redwood (Wokingham)
  99. Jacob Rees-Mogg (Somerset North East)
  100. Sir Malcolm Rifkind (Kensington)
  101. Andrew Robathan (Leicestershire South)
  102. Laurence Robertson (Tewkesbury)
  103. Andrew Rosindell (Romford)
  104. David Rutley (Macclesfield)
  105. Lee Scott (Ilford North)
  106. Andrew Selous (Bedfordshire South West)
  107. Alec Shelbrooke (Elmet & Rothwell)
  108. Sir Richard Shepherd (Aldridge-Brownhills)
  109. Henry Smith (Crawley)
  110. Sir John Stanley (Tonbridge & Malling)
  111. John Stevenson (Carlisle)
  112. Bob Stewart (Beckenham)
  113. Mel Stride (Devon Central)
  114. Julian Sturdy (York Outer)
  115. Robert Syms (Poole)
  116. David Tredinnick (Bosworth)
  117. Andrew Turner (Isle of Wight)
  118. Shailesh Vara (Cambridgeshire North West)
  119. Martin Vickers (Cleethorpes)
  120. Ben Wallace (Wyre & Preston North)
  121. Robert Walter (Dorset North)
  122. James Wharton (Stockton South)
  123. Heather Wheeler (Derbyshire South)
  124. Craig Whittaker (Calder Valley)
  125. John Whittingdale (Maldon)
  126. Bill Wiggin (Herefordshire North)
  127. Gavin Williamson (Staffordshire South)
  128. Jeremy Wright (Kenilworth & Southam)

Write to the Chairman of the 1922 Committee proposing a motion of no-confidence.  Only 46 signatures are required, but how much nicer if there were many many many more!

The good of doing this are:

  1. You would make the Conservative Party stand a better chance of winning the election outright.
  2. You wouldn't just be caving into gay marriage.
  3. You would be giving David Cameron a well-deserved bloody nose.  
  4. You would show that social conservatism is not a spent force.
  5. You should reward Andrew Bridgen for his boldness and principle.  
  6. Everyone loves a leadership election.  

My letter before claim against the Conservative Party before applying for judicial review of its decision to expel me may be of interest to Tory MPs as regards the urgency with which the Conservative Party must acquire for itself an official statement of Conservative principles.  

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