Monday, 3 June 2013

Labour MP spreads hatred against 'Fascistic' Islamists

“There are people living in this country who believe as an article of faith that it is acceptable, even necessary, to kill citizens of any country which has dared to attack a Muslim country. They believe that the kaffir, as they insultingly refer to non-believers, are of less value to their God than Muslims. They despise a culture which extends equal rights to women and gays, and scorn those women who dare to dress “immodestly” as whores.”
'Fascistic' Islamists spread violence and hatred, Labour MP says

A few questions for Tom Harris MP:

  1. What is the purpose of Britain attacking so many Muslim countries?
  2. If you are Muslim - and Muslims are supposed to regard other Muslims as brothers and sisters - then it is understandable that you should be angry and upset that your government is attacking and killing your brothers and sisters for no good reason.  
  3. If you believe in the God Muslims believe in and practise your faith, surely it would be only natural to think that your God would look upon you more favourably than the people who deny His existence and who look upon your religion with hatred and contempt?
  4. Why should you not despise a culture which clearly goes against what you know to be God's commandments?
  5. Women who dress immodestly are either whores or sluts, since they seek by their dress to attract the attention of men with a view to having extramarital sex with them, which is forbidden in the Koran, for it advises Muslims to dress modestly.  Tom Harris himself once said of single mothers that they were an army marching us to "national catastrophe"at   
  6. How does he proposed to avert our national catastrophe of being overwhelmed by a tsunami of singly parenting sluts and whores if he refuses to propose policies that would discourage them in the first place?  To have our omelet, eggs must be broken, Tom!   
  7. Is the expression of any form of social conservatism in strong terms a form of fascism now?

It does appear that Tom Harris is now encroaching on BNP territory.  Not only that, he is adopting the twisted logic of the BNP, which consists of on the one hand agreeing with the social conservatism that all the Abrahamic faiths promote, while on the other disagreeing with Muslims whatever they say, to show hatred for them, even though they secretly agree with them.   

Is Tom Harris sure he wants to go down the BNP route of demonising Muslims while refusing to acknowledge anything wrong with British society that a good Muslim might dislike?   

“Yet preachers of hate as well as their followers and fellow travellers, worship in the same buildings, speak to, work with, and are related to that sensible majority. And those law-abiding citizens have a duty to challenge them, expel them and, if necessary, report them to the authorities.”

What is it that Tom Harris is saying should no longer be sayable?

I hope he is not saying that we may no longer oppose gay marriage or questions the morals of these women who become the "national catastrophe" that is single mothers.

If so, what a shame.  I once thought he was witty and courageous and thought he might one day even be a leadership contender.   

Hope Not Hate should take note of Tom Harris MP's future pronouncements on the subject and note for further similarities to the BNP line.   

The BNP, to be fair to them, have always been against the invasion and bombing of Muslim countries.  This cannot be said of the Labour Party or of the voting record of Tom Harris MP.  


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back Claire.

In Aberdeen there was a recent protest by the National Front against the proposed construction of a mosque in the Seaton area. Here are some pictures:

And here is the link to the story:

From the pictures, it is easy to tell that the people who arranged and supported this demonstration are of lower social class, and from the poor quality of the writing on the party's official website it is also easy to tell that these people are not well educated.

I was actually going to go up to have a look myself to see what was going on but alas, I had more important things to do yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of sluts, Claire, China has imposed fines on SSMs

Claire Khaw said...

I must write to the Chinese Ambassador and explain that these SSMs must be lashed 100 times in public to teach them and others inclined to be like them a lesson.

Much cheaper and more effective.