Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My convictions

  1. I believe that free speech is essential to rational discourse.
  2. I believe that without rational discourse we will be faced with the unintended and unwelcome consequences of our irrational behaviour.
  3. I believe that we should be allowed to say what we believe to be the truth. 
  4. I believe that we should be allowed to propose what we feel to be intellectually and morally defensible. 
  5. I believe that the boundaries of free speech extend beyond what most feel people find to be offensive, as long as what is being asserted is true and what is being proposed is morally and intellectually defensible.
  6. I believe it is better to have a unifying political system that encourages the best people to enter politics rather than a divisive system that only allows the mediocre to succeed.
  7. I believe that if we believe something should be done, then it must be done as soon as possible.  
  8. I believe that a one-party state would be better for Britain than the current shambles of representative democracy and believe that I know best how to bring this about with the minimum of disruption and distress.

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