Saturday, 15 June 2013

UKIP finally proposes a policy that supports marriage. Will the BNP do better and denounce SSMs?

If the BNP were serious about arresting the precipitous degeneracy of the white race it would be denouncing SSMs at every opportunity instead of Muslims who also, like them, oppose UK foreign policy.

Questions for nationalists:

Q1.   "By not respecting the institution of marriage (ie making a point of having children only after you are married) you are colluding in and facilitating the degeneracy of your race."  (a) Agree  (b) Disagree

Q2.    You want to marry and have children. You know that the men and women of your own race are mostly jobless losers and sluts as well as sex/drug/drink-addicted perverts. What would be the moral and rational thing to do bearing in mind that you want to have the best possible quality of offspring?  (a)  Marry and have legitimate children with a spouse of another race  (b) Have illegitimate children with as many members of your own race as you can

Q3.     Why do Jews do better than gentiles in the West?  (a)  Because they respect the institution of marriage and family (b)  Because there is a Jewish conspiracy against gentiles

Q4.     What is the cause of Western malaise? (a)  The desecration of the institution of marriage  (b) Muslims (c)  Jews

Q5.     If you are legitimate and your offspring is illegitimate, you are degenerate.  (a)  Agree (b)  Disagree

Q6.     If white people (or indeed any race) choose not to marry someone of another race even though s/he could be a better wife/husband/parent and instead have illegitimate offspring with a member of their own race, they are in fact lowering the quality of the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE.  (a) Agree  (b)  Disagree

Q7.     If the BNP/NF/BPP or any other ethno-nationalist party understood the real reason why the white race is now degenerate, they should do something about it, if they cared about the quality of their race. They won't because they are already degenerate. They are already degenerate because most of their members are SSM-parented, have themselves impregnated women they are not married to, are SSMs themselves or know they wouldn't say no to having sex with an SSM. These parties are not fit for purpose.  They are not fit for purpose because they are afraid of alienating  their degenerate membership by pointing out that the fact that they are degenerate and the reasons for their degeneracy.  (a)  Agree (b) Disagree


Anonymous said...

"mostly jobless losers and sluts as well as sex/drug/drink-addicted perverts"

Is that how you really view all white people, Claire?

Claire Khaw said...

Of course not. I am only referring to white people who *are* jobless losers, sluts etc.