Thursday, 20 June 2013

What Eurosceptcs could do if they think I would do a better job than Nick Griffin in making Euroscepticism respectable and rational

"Nationalists who think I would do a better job than Nick Griffin in promoting civic nationalism and challenging the liberal consensus of the LibLabCon should demand of him that my expulsion be annulled and that I be reinstated and in a position to be a contender in the next leadership contest."

Disagree is where you can contact him.

You could say:

Dear Nick Griffin

While I think you have probably done your best or all that you are prepared and capable of doing for nationalism, it is perhaps time to consider standing aside for someone capable of taking principled positions, who is prepared to take risks and advance nationalism to the place of respectability where it ought to be in British political life.  That person is of course Claire Khaw who was expelled from the BNP in 2011, when she inveighed against the privileging of disability and predictably offended the many mothers with disabled offspring.  

The best thing to do would be to annul her expulsion and treat her as if she had never been expelled.  This should entitle her to throw her hat in the ring at the next leadership election.

It might perhaps just save time if you just stood aside, took early retirement and appointed her as Acting Leader since this would invest in her greater authority, and therefore the ability to command more attention.  

Below are the reasons for making Claire Khaw "activist-philosopher" leader of the BNP.

  1. She would be more effective with a party and a membership that backs her instead of a lone voice and considered to be a bit of a crank.  
  2. It would attract attention to the party and make the BNP interesting again.
  3. Her reinstatement as a member would arouse great interest and get the BNP talked about.
  4. More interest means a higher membership, and that means more money for the party and your pension.  
  5. Her presence in the party would advance the BNP towards civic nationalism and make it ideologically more sophisticated and in a position to merge with and absorb UKIP, making British nationalism the third party of Britain.
  6. When she has dragged Nationalism (which would be henceforth synonymous with civic nationalism and no longer associated with racism) out of the Dark Ages, it will be a matter of pride to be a Nationalist for British citizens of every race, religion and class.  
  7. The leadership election would be a matter of the greatest interest for pundits and the media.  
  8. Her becoming leader of the BNP will be the formal declaration of war against the matriarchy, and the winning of it.  
  9. The British can then look forward to becoming rational, robust and resourceful, entering an age of post-feminist common sense, reversing the degeneracy that has been allowed to set in.
  10. Britain will enter an age of rationally small government run by the patriarchy.  Women will no longer be allowed to do men's work badly while neglecting their own work.  

I trust you will find the reasons I have furnished compelling and unarguable and look forward to seeing a brighter future for British (civic) nationalism.  

Wishing you a happy retirement

Yours sincerely

E U Rosceptic


Anonymous said...

Civic nationalism as opposed to racial nationalism doesn't provide an effective prevention strategy towards the issue of race-mixing.

Claire Khaw said...

The antidote to race-mixing is the reinstatement of masculine and parental authority. This you do through supporting the institutions of marriage and the family.

The awful truth is that most British women are sluts and most British men are morally compromised slut-fuckers who no longer dare to criticise the morals of their women.

Most fathers are divorced and have no control over the morals of their daughters who literally will fuck anyone.

A spot slut-shaming would work wonders. The rest is up to you.

If you say you as nationalists wish to promote marriage to protect the British from racial and national degeneracy, people will be intrigued and interested.

If you blame Jews, Muslims and immigrants for everything that is wrong with this country, you will be condemned as racist and moronic MCSFs and anything you say dismissed as racist and moronic.

There is in fact no need to mention Jews, Muslims and immigrants at all. Just concentrate your fire on libtards and feminists.

Anonymous said...

Much of what you say is true.

Many examples of white trash here in the UK - of both sexes - will be happy to fuck anyone regardless of colour and regardless of the consequences.

I agree that Muslims (for example) have much stronger family values and traditional conservative lifestyles then secularized Western populations, but can your little blog really change society?

No. You're basically screaming in a soundproof cage. The world goes on, people live their lives, and these little blogs on the internet with their abstract ideologies make not one iota of difference to how people really do things.

Claire Khaw said...

All that has to be done is for UKIP or BNP to be prepared to fight feminism and have me in their party.

All you and people like you have to do is write to Nigel Farage and Nick Griffin urging that this be done.

Anonymous said...

And even if some right-wing political party were to take your ideas seriously, you'd still be ignored or ridiculed by the mainstream, and actively opposed by the far-left.

Claire Khaw said...

I actually think it is only a matter of time before they do. You must be prepared to put up with mockery, hostility and ridicule if you want to be in politics.