Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What should we do about unemployed and possibly unemployable female graduates?
  1. Should a chain of brothels be opened so that unemployed female graduates who cannot repay their student loan be given a means of working to pay it back?
  2. Do female graduates who work as lap dancers declare their income?
  3. Should the state continue to make the taxpayer sponsor women to compete with men and rig the rules so that it is easier for women to get work than men?
  4. Do we need more parasitical and incompetent women working in the public sector?
  5. How is the long term national interest served by rigging employment opportunities in favour of women and against men?  
  6. What happens when women are more likely to be employed than men?  Women have to go out to work while the men sit around at home watching and wanking to porn when they are supposed to be babysitting. Is this what working class women want?

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