Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What sort of a man is Andrew Bridgen MP?

He seems a youthful, energetic and masculine sort of man not shy of standing up for his principles.

I have never met him but am inclined to think well of him.

Interestingly, I have met Annabelle Fuller myself.  I remember her from 2006 as as a nervous chain-smoking rather highly-strung woman who looked like she might be quite sexually responsive.

Her lover - known to be Nigel Farage - had been involved in a sex scandal and she said in a rather knowing way, I thought, that Farage had not sex with his wife for years.

Andrew tangled with her in 2011 and is now separated from his wife, but I understand how a man might be tempted and give in to it.  The way this woman acted suggested that she could have been thinking in terms of a spot of blackmail and there is every indication of malice on her part.

After they went on to the balcony, Annabelle said she needed the toilet and dashed back into the lounge, grabbing Mr Bridgen’s Westminster pass, his Blackberry phone and a letter with his address on it to prove where she had been. She claims she then fled bare-foot. As she dashed downstairs she ran into a wall on the stairwell, gashing her head and cutting her lip."

How Andrew dealt with it and resolved it in his favour, while leaving that treacherous woman with her reputation in tatters, is something I find frankly impressive.

What we need is a Tory politician who can think on his feet and who does not cave in immediately after saying something true, and then resign after apologising piteously.  That would be a nice change.  

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