Thursday, 6 June 2013

Who deserves more hatred? Sex predators or Nick Griffin and the BNP?

"The [Pakistani] pimps seemed convinced that since their victims’ families haven’t organized lethal vendettas against them like any honorable Pakistani family would, they must not have cared.

Moreover, since the English people hadn’t carried out mass communal violence, such as burning down Pakistani neighborhoods in the time-honored South Asian manner, clearly they didn’t mind.

And if the English government didn’t want Pakistanis to act Pakistani, they wouldn’t let them into England, now would they?

You have to admit the defendants have a point."

Well, of course. SSMs* are not about to organise anything against anyone, are they?  They will just keep getting themselves knocked up and having more variously-fathered illegitimate children at the expense of the taxpayer and send their daughters to a care home when they are old enough to get under their feet and make themselves interesting to their mothers' male sex partners (AKA "SPOSSMs" - Sex Partners of SSMs).


Pakistanis demonstrate perfectly that even people from poorer and backward countries can prosper in Britain if they not mostly slut and bastard like the British.

If men are afraid of their women, they are basically fucked in the eyes of the men of other races, whose women are not mostly sluts.

The trouble is that white men no longer even have the self-respect to say this or the honesty to discuss this amongst themselves.

Sex predators OF ANY RACE would prey on adolescent schoolgirls OF WHATEVER RACE in care homes, because they are easy pickings.

This is bad, of course, but only racists would think that it is worse if the sex predator is a darker shade than the victim.

And only racists and COWARDS like Nick Griffin would refuse to question the morals of the sluts who keep having illegitimate children that end up in neglectful care homes, who produce the next generation of parasitical sluts and bastards.

Asian sex predators will know that white men will do NOTHING to stop their immoral women from having children out of wedlock and then abandoning them into care. Therefore their supply of victims will not be affected because they already know that the white man does not intend to do anything constructive about white girls being preyed on by sex predators of other races.

Nick Griffin only intends to say how much he hates Muslims, and, er, that's it.  He certainly won't be talking about SSMs because he already knows that the overwhelming number of his core supporters are SSM-parented or have impregnated SSMs or are SPOSSMs (Sex Partners Of SSMs).

How can you not feel hatred and contempt for such a man and his supporters and help yourself from regarding them and their women as degenerate and inferior?

Even now they fear to question and challenge the morals of their women.  They will certainly not be discussing the quality of British mothering, known to be the worst in the world because most British mothers are single mothers.

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