Sunday, 7 July 2013

Charles Saatchi quite right to divorce his faithless and stupid wife

Instead of being Domestic Goddess she is now Domestic Violence Goddess as well as being known for being stupid and faithless epitomising what a rotten deal you get if you generally get if you marry a British wife whose character has been destroyed by feminism.

If Charles Saatchi is looking for another wife he should bear me in mind, I would never be so stupid and faithless as to allow my friends and the media to influence me in this way.

It seems that our ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nigella's father father Nigel Lawson, was incapable of giving her any sensible advice or she incapable of acting upon it if it was ever given.

It seems that even Jews are destroying themselves in our environment of toxic and demented matriarchal rule.

Instead of sorting things out man to woman, Nigella decided to put it in the hands of some scummy PR adviser.  PR men are the scum of the earth, unless he is my husband and my brother-in-law, of course. has all the advice I have given to the troubled couple.

Should I ritually burn my Nigella cook book at my next barbecue?

I have just been told by a Facebook friend who tells me a female friend of hers in the art world is already setting her cap at him.  I want Charles to know now that he can have any number of mistresses and I won't mind.    

Whom should I marry?
Charles Saatchi
  • Adrienne Hartley
Lord Mandelson


Anonymous said...

So really you are what you have shown yourself to be: a hate filled misogynist bitch, aren't you Claire? Hating women who get strangled by their wife beating husbands and then blame the wife, you really are nasty, it is a pity that your deceased husband is not here today or else he would be boasting about how wonderful he is to beat you around like he used to!

Claire Khaw said...

I don't quite see how sticking to the facts makes me a "hate-filled misogynistic bitch" and believe you should pay some attention to the facts: not even Nigella is claiming that her husband throttled her or that she was ever a victim of domestic violence.

Even his former wives said he never physically assaulted them.