Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Disabled lobby terrorises The Royal Highland Hotel with menacing phone calls

I just called the hotel and spoke to someone called Gillian. She said what happened was this:

On Sundays kids eat for free. Because Willie Forbes, who suffers from Down's Syndrome, wanted a child's portion, it came through on the computer as free, so she went to the kitchen to tell the cook about the administrative problem of billing them for the meal and putting it through their system.

There was no question of the hotel not serving them, but when the waitress went back  to the table the prospective diners had gone.

Sadly, the hotel receptionist has been receiving all sorts of threats. They even had to take down their Facebook page because it was inundated by threats on staff members.

"Miss Cumming ...  said she wanted Mr Banerjee [the Regional Manager] to travel to Aberdeen and apologise to her uncle in person."

Who does she think she is?  Such a demand merely demonstrates the crazed and despicable self-importance of the disabled lobby.  

It is a nice hotel, so all those fueled by class envy would want to burn it down and beat up everyone in it, I imagine.

Mr Indranil Banerjee, of the Royal Highland Hotel which is backing the Courier's Cuppa For Kids event

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Anonymous said...

Well there are a number of things to say here...

The Daily Mail is as always full of stories like this juxtaposed with a column down the side full of images of celebrity women in bikinis on the beach, and celebrity women with their boyfriends (a lot of black man/white woman couples amongst them). Not only that, it can't even get its articles right without stupid errors (look at the caption under the second picture - very basic error right there).

Indranil Banerjee? A very Scottish name that, I'm sure both Alex Salmond and yourself would agree...

As for the story itself... the phrase "making mountains out of molehills" comes to mind.