Sunday, 14 July 2013

Isn't this sweet? One of my Facebook friends did this for me.

14 July 2013 at 18:35
You in west not have a good leader and are suffering under imperialist scummery with obsession with fucky and sucky. You in Britain should make Claire Khaw supreme leader since she is not obsessed with masturbating to watching Paris Hilton nor is she a banker.

1. Possibly change Great Britain to Glorious People's Monarchy of Brittania.

2. Put everyone that has been on Jeremy Kyle, reality Television, Hip Hop, Soaps, music videos and politicians in dissident death matches.

3. Put Paris Hilton in prison and indoctrinate her to be a muslim. This be useful to show how Claire is gifted to turn capitalist whore like Paris into decent human being

4. Use Islam and secular Koranism to unite people under banner of Claire Khaw. Britain is not one race like my nation so Islam with its racial equality message useful in this case.

5. Have personality Cult surrounding Claire Khaw.

6. Set up re-education camps

7. Have posters against degeneracy : Picture of Claire's face with writing under saying: Sluttery leads to Aids.

8. Have public executions.

9. Have single party state under control of Dear Mother of Nation Claire Khaw.

10. Have festival every year where "chavs" are executed to celebrate Claire's rise to power.

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