Saturday, 13 July 2013

Only Secular Koranism can promote social conservatism, fight feminism and defend marriage

Dysgenic feminism cannot be fought by the useless men's rights movement or the nationalist parties of Britain.

The men's rights activists are useless because they campaign for paternity leave if they see women getting maternity leave, but they have no interest in promoting or protecting the institution of marriage or promoting the efficiency and competitive of British labour or British business.  They are stupid enough to think they can beat women in the competition for victimhood and think whingeing to each other amounts to political activism.  They also feminised and effeminate beta males.

As for the BNP, they are so pathetic they changed their logo into a heart-shaped union jack to attract female members.  This means they are not prepared to offend  female BNP members, and we already know that these days most British mothers are SSMs, most British women are sluts and most British men are MCSFs. (morally-compromised slut-fuckers).

We also know that BNP members are mostly beta males.  This means they are already known for being low achievers in status, income and education, and, for this reason, no one will is going to listen to anything they say.

Nick Griffin their leader knows that to attract and keep alphas in the party would only threaten his position and it is enough to keep milking the betas for money from time to time to keep treading water.  This strategy is therefore not going to make him do anything to alienate his mostly illegitimate male members who are probably also parents of illegitimate children, because those two are linked.

What else is there to fight feminism?  There is only Islam and me, the only woman in Britain prepared to say publicly that she would use Islam to overthrow the demented and dysgenic matriarchy.

I know you don't want to hear this, but I am right, aren't I?

I do know how much the British hate Muslims and Islam, so I have created Secular Koranism just for them.  
Now what I need is for respected and educated British intellectuals to read the Koran and tell me what they find so objectionable about it.  

I certainly think all MPs should participate in this exercise, but I get the feeling that they are too lazy, illiterate and chauvinistic to do so.

If I had the money I would send them all a copy of the N J Dawood Penguin edition of the Koran and invite them to tell me what they find so objectionable about it.  

If they can find nothing much after having read it, then we can go ahead and establish Secular Koranism, which at least does not require a belief in God, only that God's laws as stated in the Koran would be incorporated into the UK legal system.  


Anonymous said...

"Dysgenic feminism cannot be fought by the useless men's rights movement or the nationalist parties of Britain"

I would agree with this statement.

Men cannot beat women in the competition for victimhood. And powerful men do not support men's rights activism.

Once upon a time, there was no such thing as "competition for victimhood", and such a thing would have been correctly viewed as pathetic.

However, the 20th century brought us the thinking of the politics of oppression, which is influenced by Marxist-style thinking, in that traditionally it's the bourgeoisie that is said to oppress the workers by controlling the means of production, and now it's whites and men that are held to oppress non-whites and women.

So now there's no possible way that amongst politically correct types, whites and men will be seen as a victim group relative to non-whites and women.

Yes, the BNP are pathetic. Also, please accept my comments on this post and other recent posts.

You're certainly right on some things, Claire. But I can't help but laugh when I hear the phrase "secular Koranism". Why?

Because the chances of white lower-class people latching onto something like "secular Koranism" are extremely remote. Negligible actually.

They just don't care. Some people are beyond help.

Claire Khaw said...

I do not expect the Islamophobic thickos at the BNP to get Secular Koranism.

I already know very few people are capable of understanding it.

The people best able to understand it are lawyers who have read the Koran.

I like to think that one day, a member of the political establishment in a position to promote it may wish to do so.

I also know most of these village Muslims don't get it either.

I tried explaining it to Asghar Bukhari of MPACUK but I have no idea whether he gets it or not.