Friday, 12 July 2013

The Omega Male must eventually make way for the Islamic Male when British women eventually wise up

There is something deeply repulsive about the kind of blatant antisemitism expressed by the more primitive species of ethno-nationalist, and we have an example of this in the link above.

For daring to visit a synagogue on London Open Day two years ago and inviting me along so I took photos, Jeffrey Marshall is now suspected of being a Jew because he had to cover his head to enter a synagogue. He was given a skull cap to wear. He wore it, and now every retard in nationalism thinks he is a Jew and therefore the enemy.

It is a bit like my flag and gun photo.  In the same way that some imbecilic liberals believe that I am a Nazi, just by being photographed near a swastika, it is generally believed by retard nationalists that Jeffrey Marshall is a Jew because he was photographed in a synagogue wearing a skull cap.

I have met Jeffrey's mother and she is not a Jewess.  He is also the son of a publican.

It is only to be expected that these Nationalist Neanderthals cannot imagine themselves ever wanting to visit a synagogue.  After all culture, history and architecture are not in the included list of interests of the lumpenproletariat.

Nationalists are overwhelmingly beta males.  Being beta means that they feel the inconveniences of being poorer, lowlier, less educated and less desirable than men who are more affluent, have higher status, and are educated and considered attractive and eligible.

Still, many of these ethno-nationalists are so pig ignorant they regard antisemitism as synonymous with patriotism. Many of the associates of Dave Jones, my former political associate, feel this hatred deep in their guts and what passes for their souls. But then Dave Jones is a rancorous peasant who never completed his education, and his associates are in a similar position and also dysfunctional in some way. It is easier for them to blame Jews and Muslims for their troubles than the way the beta male craves the approval of SSM fornicatresses.  Because the beta male cannot easily persuade women to have no-strings sex with him, afford to take a wife or the services of a prostitute, he is left only with the hope for sexual access to women who are prepared to give it to him for free - in short, the Recreational Fornicatress.

Such women will have low standards of morality and intelligence. However, because of this natural craving to have sex and the wish to gain reproductive rights, the beta male feels he has no choice but to refrain from offending these fornicatresses or even to be seen to be defending them whenever I criticise their morals.

Dave Jones and those of his ilk cannot bring themselves to acknowledge the truth about SSMs.  While they would never want to have sex with Jews or Muslims or Blacks, the English slut is at least useful to them, they reason, because she can at least be persuaded to give them a shag without too much difficulty, unlike the sexually inaccessible Jewess or Muslim female.

However, the attachment and protectiveness that English ethno-nationalists feel towards the English slut is only the protectiveness a drunk feels towards a bottle of glass containing cheap strong drink that he is anxious to consume and protect from breakage.  

It is only because Jews and Muslims respect the institution of the family that makes them easily outgun the gentile lumpenproletariat who cannot compete with foreigners even in the field of unskilled manual labour. It is they who have had their characters ruined by the welfare state, and the welfare state is kept going because it must be kept going to keep the sluts fed and watered, breeding and parasitical.

While the white working classes remain unfit for purpose, there will always be a demand for immigrant labour.  Sadly however, my theory that sluts cause immigration is not accepted in the same way that an alcoholic cannot bring himself to admit that his drinking has in any way caused him any problems with his job or his relationships, because he does not want to give up drink.

Pity these omega men for they have no family, no culture, no god, no education and no personal qualities that might dispose a sane British employer to hire them willingly, for this is now the lot of the white working classes of Britain destined to be replaced by wave after wave of immigrants facilitated by government after government.

Only I dare to tell them what is happening to them.  Only I say this to them because there is no one else to do so, for even their leaders exploit them, abuse them and expect little from them.  Nick Griffin certainly does not consider them worthy or capable of being told the truth of their unenviable position.   It is far far easier to blame Jews and Muslims and Blacks and Chinks than the sluts they cannot bring themselves to criticise.

The coarsening of British culture is directly related to the fact that most British men get their sex from sluts these days. In the days when marriage was respected, most men would get their sex from their wives and a minority from prostitutes.

In the Land of Compulsory Fornication that Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland now is, where most women are sluts and most men are morally-compromised slut-fuckers (MCSFs) decline and fall into bastardy and barbarism is inevitable and perhaps already  irreversible.

You would have thought that nationalists whom you would expect to care about the long-term future of their nation would be in some way be exercised by this alarming prospect of degeneracy and decline, but not a bit of it.

These men are not true nationalists in the real sense.  A true nationalist would care about the long-term future of their nation instead of equating hatred of Jews, Muslims and other races with love for his country or for his people.

Those of them who do agree with me dare not be seen to agree with me in public, for fear of the offence this would cause their fellow nationalists, who are mostly illegitimate and who are mostly parents of illegitimate offspring.  In fact, these men who are portrayed by the media as dangerous extremists are really hypocrites and cowards afraid of criticising the morals of the worst of their women, in order to avoid acknowledging the reality of their own degradation.

What of the future?  I predict that eventually enough white working class British females will vote with their feet and convert to Islam in the hope of marrying a husband who is prepared to take his marriage vows seriously.  This is in fact already happening at East London Mosque.  Even Eastern European Catholic women in London see that the future is Islam now.

Eventually, enough men will vote with their feet and convert to Islam in the hope of taking a wife who will take her marriage vows seriously and be a good mother and wife.  

Britain won't be Islamified by brown Muslims but by the reproductive choices of rational British women who will eventually realise that the only rational choice they have left, if they care about the quality of their offspring, is to reject their pernicious culture of sexual liberation and reject any man who does not look like he will prove to be a good provider, a good husband or a good father.

So, now you know what Muslims are for, and Jews for that matter.  They are the living demonstration of the importance of marriage in any society that desires longevity and wishes to remain an advanced society, and that this mysterious mechanism of regulating sexual relations between humans called marriage can only be supported in perpetuity by a continuing and general belief in society of the existence of a moral and omnipotent God.  


Anonymous said...

So now you're going on about beta males now, Claire, just like Whiskey of Whiskey's Place and Roissy of the Chateau Heartiste blog?

It is true that a lot of the men who are involved with far-right organisations such as the NF, BNP and others are pretty poor specimens of men. They're pretty similar in personality to any random drunk idiot you can find in a pub talking shite and making a fool of himself - that's the kind of guys that they are.

No one knows for sure what "alpha, beta and omega" males are, because these are very difficult to define.

In general though this is another amusing article of yours...

I'm not English, I'm Scottish. The intended target audience of British right-wing written material on the internet is virtually always the English. So I always feel like I'm not being spoken to directly.

You claim of that these right-wing types:

"While they would never want to have sex with Jews or Muslims or Blacks, the English slut is at least useful to them, they reason, because she can at least be persuaded to give them a shag without too much difficulty, unlike the sexually inaccessible Jewess or Muslim female"

Now that's interesting.

I've never had sex with a non-white woman. Nor have I ever had sex with an English woman, although I have had sex with a couple of women that were part-English and part-Scottish.

The point is that even though I wouldn't consider it particularly difficult for me myself to get into bed with a white female, I would think the chances of me becoming involved with a non-white female would be quite slim.

Why do you think that I think this, Claire?

Claire Khaw said...

Perhaps you do not meet non-white females often or do not fancy them or find them hard to get.

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps you do not meet non-white females often"

That's probably it. The vast majority of the people I socialise with, of both sexes, are white.

Could you respond to the other comments I've made please

Claire Khaw said...

I thought I had responded to all the comments that I thought needed a response.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, more to the point Claire...

Is anti-fascism, anti-racism and feminism really "anti-white beta male" activism? (meaning activism against beta males who happen to be white, not anti-white activism by beta males)

Claire Khaw said...

I think feminism is dangerous to males of any race and indeed any society.

Rufus News From Atlantis said...

Interesting article. I see you have fallen out with the BPP then? Although I haven't spoken to Dave since before he was himself expelled for the photograph with you, the swastika flag and the guns, I was under the impression that you were close. I see I was mistaken.

Promiscuity is indeed an issue in European culture. Many EDL types are quite happy to have the entire world flood into the UK, so long as they can shag the exotic women. As you say, they have a problem with religion due to those who have strong morals with regards to adultery, not being willing to have sex with them. It is noteworthy that Catholics are likewise singled out for abuse amongst the NF/BPP et al.

I disagree that Islam is the future. There must certainly be a religious dimension to British life, but Islam is woefully inadequate, being more suited for Asiatics.

As CG Jung rightly stated, there is a racial soul for each distinct people, and applying the religious beliefs of any one to any other, can never work. For half-castes there must be an inner spiritual pollution as well as the outer physical aspects.

The demise of all Abrahamic faiths in Europe is a natural response to the growth in our own spiritual identity. Sadly this has been hijacked by humanists and internationalists of every hue.

Godlessness has driven us to the precipice, but the Judaic faith in any form (including Islam) is not the solution.

The beta male you describe is a part of the lumpenproletariat and is useless to any movement. There are certainly a number of these in organised parties and factions, which may be a result of needing to belong to the herd. To generalise this type to include everyone who is opposed to internationalism and the genocide of Europe is a generalisation too far.

Claire Khaw said...

I have formally fallen out with Dave last November.

It is really hard to tell with the rest of the BPP what they think of me or what they currently think of me.

In what way is Islam "woefully inadequate" compared to Christianity?

I think any idea of any race, if useful, can be used by another. It would be silly to shun the joys of the karaoke lounge just because one is not Japanese.

I see you are someone who enjoys extolling the mysticism of race. There no mystery to any race once you learn their language, know their history, learn their literature, understand their politics and have lived amongst them long enough to get to know them.

I have no idea what you mean about the "spiritual identity" of the British.

I favour the Abrahamic faiths because the idea of a moral and omnipotent God is generally understood even if not generally believed in by the British. In any case, no one can conceive of an entity more powerful than the Abrahamic God.

I do not see any nationalist leader coming to prominence, do you?