Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Threatening letter I expected to receive from the Conservative Party

"An ambitious young solicitor, finding himself unexpectedly at the gates of heaven, protests to St Peter.  'How can I be dead?' he asks.  'I'm only 32.'  St Peter consults his notes, but is unmoved.  'We just totted up the amount of hours you billed to your clients,' he explains.  'According to our figures, you are 395."

My only comment on being liable for the costs of the Conservative Party if my application fails is this:

"If they are so sure that my application for judicial review will fail then it won't cost them that much to file an easy-peasy lemon-squeezy defence saying that my claim must surely fail because it is so obviously rubbish and that Datafin,_ex_parte_Datafin_plc does not in any way apply to the Conservative Party, who are clearly not a public body because nothing it or any of their members do in any way affects individual citizens or society at large because starting wars, invading other people's countries, changing the traditional meaning of marriage, running the country properly etc, have absolutely no effect at all on individual citizens or society at large, and I should go sling my hook. "  

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