Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What Claire Khaw said and didn't say

We recounted in January how Claire Khaw, the deliberately offensive activist cum "British nationalist philosopher", managed to achieve membership of the Tory party. This was despite her eye-popping views on the need to get tough on those with children with disabilities and advocacy of slavery for people found in Britain without the right immigration papers. Unsurprisingly, the Tories, realising the anomaly, withdrew her membership. But the former BNP agent won't be told, so here it is, Khaw v Central Office. She's gone off to the high court, seeking judicial review. May the least objectionable party win, we say.

It is tedious to have point out again that I have never said anything about children with disabilities. What I in fact advocate is to give parents of unwanted unviable and disabled babies the option of committing infanticide.  If they want to keep their unwanted unviable and disabled babies they can. At no time did I propose a programme of systematically exterminating the disabled, as was so sensationally claimed by so many of my detractors.

As for enslaving illegal immigrants, I put my hands up to that one and stand by what I said at

Here's one Claire Khaw – whose background, interestingly, is Malaysian Chinese, and who is acting as cheerleader for Jeffrey Marshall, the party's candidate in London's Bethnal Green and Bow – engaging in some recent banter on Facebook: "I see no harm in introducing a form of slavery with those who don't have the right papers and aren't British citizens. After five years they are free to go. They can re-enslave themselves for a further five years and thereafter become British citizens. It would solve the Labour shortage ... Then everyone would be happy."

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