Monday, 15 July 2013

Why doesn't Andrew Bridgen get on with the job of collecting his 46 signatures to save the country from SamCam?
Why is this unelected woman influencing UK foreign policy?
Why is this unelected woman proposing social policy that would fundamentally change the way the British relate to each other sexually?

Why do the British allow themselves to be governed by someone who is clearly pussywhipped?

Silly question: because the British are stupid, obviously, and it may be catching. is the sort of shit we are now getting in our demented matriarchy, but nobody cares.  Most people don't care because most people are stupid.

Soon there will be enough transgender people to make all toilets gender neutral.  I can imagine how awful it must be for transgender people every time they need to use a public toilet.  Strange looks and threats all the time, probably.  This means gay men can no longer cottage each other in peace and women will be RAPED silly by men who will have the right to use their toilets.

It is just SHIT living in a nation of stupid cunts, I can tell you, and I am sick of it.
How many signatures has Andrew Bridgen got now?

Does he want a bit of help from me?

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