Saturday, 31 August 2013

How much of a Secular Koranist are you?

My test result for the Political Test.

"You are a bourgeois patriot. 6 percent of the test participators are in the same category and 20 percent are more extremist than you."

 It is all nonsense of course.

What I propose is that people should just read the Koran to find the commandments of God that they dislike.

If you really can't find anything wrong with it, like me, you are a perfect 0.

If there is one verse you dislike your score becomes -1.

If there are two, your score becomes -2 etc.

The total number of verses in the Quran is 6236, however, the number varies if the bismillahs are counted separately.

The Rise and Fall of Nations – The Quranic Prescription Mahmood Jawaid
June 25, 2000 (Revised January 20, 2009)

The Koran v Rawls - the case *against* liberal interventionism

The days of Britain's gunboat diplomacy died with Palmerston and the loss of the British Empire, you would have thought.

The British lost their empire after their pyrrhic victory of WW2.

The historian A J P Taylor said WW2 was a continuation of WW1.  What was WW1 really about?

No one quite knows.  If you told the Modern Briton - even one who has passed his GCSE history or who even has a degree in it - he will not seem to know that the British fought WW1 over the issue of Belgian neutrality.

What had the Treaty of London 1839 to do with the Britain of 1914?  No one really knows.

The awful truth is that the British simply muddled into world war after world war, without pausing once to examine their reasons or really counting the cost.

If Britain were a man, he could be said to be now in a drunken stupor which has lasted decades after he has mortgaged and remortgaged his home, been abandoned by his wife and family, and sold the family silver.

Perhaps the moral of this story is that one must not accept every invitation one receives, else we fall into bad company and are caused needless inconvenience and expense as a result.

Having lost their empire and in hock to the Americans after borrowing heavily to fund their war, the British decided to call this master and servant relationship a "Special Relationship".  It was important to the British to be seen to be dining at the top table with the most powerful nation in the world, though the rest of the world sniggered at them for being America's poodle.

Anyone who has tried to keep up with friends much wealthier than we are would know that it is financially ruinous to do so if you really do not have the wherewithal to do so.

This mania for liberal interventionism seems to come from Rawls, who "claimed, controversially, that violations of human rights can legitimize military intervention in the violating states, though he also expressed the hope that such societies could be induced to reform peacefully by the good example of liberal and decent peoples."

The Law of Peoples

By 'Law of Peoples’, Rawls means "a particular political conception of right and justice that applies to the principles and norms of international law and practice" . This political conception of justice is arrived at through the device of the 'original position' – a hypothetical arrangement whereby representatives of each of the peoples get together with the aim of determining principles that will govern the terms of their association. The principles yielded by this process make up the content of the Law of Peoples. The eight principles are:

  1. "Peoples (as organized by their government) are free and independent, and their freedom and independence is to be respected by other peoples."
  2. "Peoples are equal and parties to their own agreements."
  3. "Peoples have the right of self-defense but no right to war."
  4. "Peoples are to observe a duty of non-intervention."
  5. "Peoples are to observe treaties and undertakings."
  6. "Peoples are to observe certain specified restrictions on the conduct of war (assumed to be in self-defense)."
  7. "Peoples are to honor human rights."
  8. "Peoples have a duty to assist other peoples living under unfavorable conditions that prevent their having a just or decent political and social regime."

Convoluted, impractical, idiotic and utterly laughable.

Compare his convoluted shit with the Koran, which says, quite simply, that we may not attack another nation unless it attacks us, so that all wars must necessarily be defensive.

The point to note that the British suffer from a collective neurosis about their foreign policy and this neurosis, or even dementia to be more accurate, is long-standing and bone deep.  

Only when they stop worshiping Churchill - the man who lost the British their world empire in one reckless throw of dice - will their dementia lift.   

The proper and rational foreign policy for any self-respecting nation must be Palmerstonian:

"We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow."

America is not our Special Friend.  In fact, it is its own worst enemy.  

Friday, 30 August 2013

Labour *must* give up its the idea of "winning with women"

Labour needs to dump its female voters and move to the right of the Conservative Party to win the next election.

This means the Blue Labour faction of the party needs to take control of the party. Its greatest champion is of course Lord Glasman, a family man, who should be invited to take a more prominent role from now on.

Lord Glasman engaging publicly with Diane Abbott would add greatly to the joy and gaiety of the nation. Lord Mandelson should be present to adjudicate between the two, so it is time to bring him out of retirement.

It is not winning with women, it is losing with sluts.  To craft party policy to bail out immoral and irresponsible fornicatresses who are bad mothers with illegitimate offspring is the road to perdition.  It must stop NOW. is the event at which this subject will be discussed.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Diane Abbott courageous and correct in threatening to resign if Miliband endorses military strikes against Syria

All hail Diane Abbott for threatening to resign if Miliband endorsed Cameron's plan for military strikes against Syria without UN Security Council sanction!

I now know I voted for the best candidate when I voted for her during the Labour leadership elections when I was a member.

Diane Abbott - the best Labour leader we never had?  

Diane Abbott as leader - Lord Mandelson as its Director of Communications, under my advice and Lord Glasman's - wouldn't that be just wonderful?

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Simon Sheppard's Sex and Power

“The male inclination is to encourage the strong, while the female inclination is to nurture the weak. Males value the old for their wisdom and experience, while females value the young for their appeal and future promise. 

The Nazi euthanasia programme, whereby mental defectives and the severely handicapped were killed, was a masculine expression. Nonetheless, that programme was rapidly aborted due to public disquiet. A feminine equivalent can be seen in the recent Dutch practice of killing aged and dying patients, occasionally simply to free up hospital beds. This is accepted in Holland and apparently continues to this day. 

The male policy is to innovate; the female policy is to imitate.”

—Simon Sheppard, ‘Sex and Power: A Manual on Male-Female Relations’

Photo of 'Sex and Power' front cover   
Sex & Power



Photographs of a few pages of the book. Throughout, yellow boxes denote material from other sources, and blue ones are original material such as anecdotes of notable events and behaviour.







Syria: the unanswerable question

How is attacking Syria in the national interest?

  • "The Conservative Party supports, first and foremost, the principle of free speech and of promoting and conserving the long-term national interest. The national interest includes solvency, social stability through the promotion of the institution of marriage between a man and a woman, stable prices through fiscal prudence as well as the maintenance of standards of morality and education that are considered respectable and enviable by other nations and which are maintained from one generation to the next."

    Sadly, the Conservative Party has no principles it would care to share with us.  Those who have noticed do not care or are overwhelmed by apathy and incomprehension as to the nature and purpose of having political principles.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The issue of Trust in a matriarchy

Chief Rabbi:

"Faith, at least Jewish faith, means having trust in one another, and that trust being based on trust in God."

Do the British have trust in one another?

Do the British trust their political leaders?

Do women trust each other?

Do men trust women?

If women run Britain, would this tend to increase or decrease trust the British have in one another?

How can you tell if women run Britain, or, in other words, that women have more power over men?

By the fact that so many men are afraid to criticise immoral women ie SSMs and refuse even to discuss the subject.

We know who is in power by those we cannot criticise.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Mark Collett, formerly of the BNP, favours Civic Nationalism

Mark Collett before retiring from politics

I am delighted to hear Mark Collett say this about civic nationalism:

"If you are going down an ethno-nationalist route you might as well start a drinking club, as you're not getting elected. If you're going after electoral power, you need to go down the civic route."

It is probably only a matter of time before Nationalists realise that I am their last best hope when The Traditional Britain Group and the British Democratic Party crash and burn because they have now regressed to narrow ethno-nationalism, calling for the repatration of non-white British citizens while still refusing to address the problem of feminism.

Mark Collett, because he had the sense to say he has retired, will seem fresh and interesting when he does come back than if he had been kicking around in some party even smaller and more useless than the BNP.

(Eddy Butler kicking his heels in the unutterably dull English Democrats will know exactly what I mean.)

Mark is also a very good speaker and a handsome chappy.  Having survived the process of being chewed up and spat out by the BNP party machine, he is a good source of information and advice about a career in nationalism, as well  as the ins and outs of Nick Griffin's convoluted twists of personality.  He would warn you not to bother, probably.

My advice would be to lurk around in either Labour or the Conservative Party to find out as much as you can about their culture, morale and party operations.  The discipline of being an observer long enough to appear indispensable to them will stand you in good stead later on.  

Remember that neither Labour nor the Tories any longer support the interests of their core supporters. Members of both parties have been grievously betrayed by their leadership and it is time for the enlightened activist to take the country back from the mangina leaders of the governing parties.