Friday, 30 August 2013

Labour *must* give up its the idea of "winning with women"

Labour needs to dump its female voters and move to the right of the Conservative Party to win the next election.

This means the Blue Labour faction of the party needs to take control of the party. Its greatest champion is of course Lord Glasman, a family man, who should be invited to take a more prominent role from now on.

Lord Glasman engaging publicly with Diane Abbott would add greatly to the joy and gaiety of the nation. Lord Mandelson should be present to adjudicate between the two, so it is time to bring him out of retirement.

It is not winning with women, it is losing with sluts.  To craft party policy to bail out immoral and irresponsible fornicatresses who are bad mothers with illegitimate offspring is the road to perdition.  It must stop NOW. is the event at which this subject will be discussed.

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