Friday, 27 September 2013

A few verses from Homer dampens my hopes of becoming Dictator of Britain any time soon

As I was casually leafing through Homer's Odyssey, I came across this arresting paragraph.

Zeus now addressed the immortals:

"What a lamentable thing it is that men should blame the gods and and regard *us* as the source of their troubles, when it is their own transgressions which bring them suffering that was not their destiny. 

Consider Aegisthus: it was not his destiny to steal Agamemnon's wife and murder her husband when he came home. He knew the result would be utter disaster, since we ourselves had sent him Hermes, the keen-eyed Giant-slayer, to warn him neither to kill the man nor court his wife. For Orestes, we we told him, was bound to avenge Agamemnon as soon as he grew up and thought with longing of his home. Yet with all his friendly counsel Hermes failed to dissuade him. And now Aegisthus has paid the final price of all his sins." 

Against stupidity the very gods themselves contend in vain.

This does not bode well for my plan to transform Britain into a one-party theocracy.

Let us hope that patience and perseverance as well as good fortune and perspicacity will be enough to allow me to achieve my object before too much longer.


snork maiden said...

Alternatively one could read this as meaning that while you like to blame the British population for your lack of political success, it was in fact your own actions that killed your political aspirations stone dead by going on the radio and advocating the infanticide of disabled children in order to save money. You then dug yourself in further by making personal attacks upon a woman with a severely disabled child and accusing all women with disabled children of being attention seekers. You couldn't have made yourself any more unpopular if you'd filmed yourself drowning puppies and posting it on YouTube.

That's why no political party will allow you to join them, and that's why you have no hopes of a political career, despite the desperation of far right parties to have non white women in their ranks. That said, the likelihood of you becoming Dictator of Britain were always pretty slim, you're no Oliver Cromwell, but I think you're joking on this point, no?

So while your quote from Homer is rather apt to your situation, I think you've got it the wrong way round.

Claire Khaw said...

The difference between me and a conventional politician is that I know that the message is more important than the messenger.

I do not see success in terms of being elected into office for the sake of being elected into office. The career of David Cameron is not one which I would wish to emulate.

I have been described as a prophet and a philosopher, which is much much more gratifying than being described as a Member of Parliament or a Prime Minister that has led one's country into unprofitable and disastrous wars.

snork maiden said...

Fair enough. So all this stuff about wanting to lead the BNP is a joke is it? And taking the conservative party to court for expelling you was just to pass the time?

Claire Khaw said...

You will just have to wait and see, Snork!