Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The purpose of compassion in a nation state

It has been said that the state is the most organised form of criminal enterprise.

As citizens of a state, we can only as members suggest ways of running this criminal enterprise more efficiently.

If we want it to be run more humanely, this too can be accomplished, provided humanity is not inconsistent with efficiency and tends to increase group solidarity, or in the case of nation states, social cohesion within that state.

While men tend to see mercy as a means to an end and would use it rationally, women on the other hand tend to see the expression of compassion as an end in itself, for compassion is a feminine virtue and as women they would wish to express themselves in this way, even at the expense of men or the long term national interest.  

That is why women must not be given too much power.  

When you are strong, be good and you will become great.

When you are great but cease to be good you will become weak again.  

Being good has everything to do with accepting the Truth and not denying it.  

Denial, as we know, is a feminine vice.  

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