Monday, 30 September 2013

The wisest thing a BNP member said about Muslims and Islamophobia after attending an MPACUK conference

Asghar Bukhari

Jeffrey Marshall of the BNP:

"The pretence that Muslims and left-lberals see eye to eye is really a nauseating conceit. Islamists are basically conservative (they would have to be if they followed the Koran) and they should openly support family values - not just keep their mouths shut over things like gay marriage. 

One bad impression I got from MPACUK's recent meeting in Barking was that Muslims are really only concerned for their own interests as a kind of pressure group - in this respect they are no different from Stonewall or feminists or Scottish Nationalists. Just as long as their interests are protected they don't much care what others do. 

It is almost as though they don't really see this as their own country - which is not really surprising, I guess. However, nationalists are at least concerned with the state of our nation as a whole. If Muslims were to be less concerned only with themselves, they could help us rebuild a decent country."

This is how I see it:

  1. Feminism is against religion, because religion is patriarchal.  Have you noticed that Judaism is a bit racist, or that Christianity and Islam are just a bit sexist and homophobic?  
  2. Feminism is also against Nationalism, because Nationalism is patriarchal.  
  3. Feminism is against social conservatism, because it promotes female promiscuity. 
  4. Social conservatism is now so marginalised it only exists fitfully in the BNP and UKIP and is constantly being salami-sliced away by their cowardly leaders.  
  5. The BNP and UKIP are afraid to question or criticise feminism because they fear alienating half their potential voters.  
  6. Most British women are sluts ie fornicatresses who have extramarital sex and most British men are MCSFs  (Morally-Compromised Slut Fuckers).  This makes the children of these sluts and MCSFs bastards.  You cannot do much with people like that without a rigorous and radical programme of moral regeneration, and this would probably involve something as revolutionary as an Islamic Revolution.  
  7. MPACUK ought to promote Secular Koranism (ie the idea of infusing the UK legal system with Koranic principles without converting a single soul and leaving the judiciary who do not have to be Muslim to interpret the laws), but they fear to tread in the territory of Anjem Choudary who commends Sharia law to the horrified British.  
  8. Most Muslims are afraid to challenge feminism because they fear being hated more than they are already.  
  9. The Sacred Cows of the British are: (a) The Welfare State (b) Feminism (c) SSMs 
  10. Even now men fear to read Simon Sheppard's Sex and Power available at which is the male equivalent of The Female Eunuch explaining their oppression.  

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