Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Why it matters that the Conservative Party has no principles and what Labour should do about it

1.  The Conservative Party has no principles.
2.  The Labour Party has principles.
3.  The LibDem has principles.
4.  UKIP has principles.
5.  The BNP has principles.

Should we care that the Conservative Party has no principles? 

We do not expect the man in the street to care.  Most of them were not brought up to have principles, and this is not what is taught in British schools either. 

If you told the average Conservative Party member, he wouldn't much are either.  His attitude seems to be "Yes, we have no principles, and we don't care.  And there is nothing you can do about it, because the sheeple don't know what a principle is and they don't care either. "

The people who may be expected to care about principles are lawyers because they have to learn certain legal principles to pass their law exams.  

People whom you may expect to care about principles would be politicians, who would be expected to understand and care about such things.  

What is good about having principles? 

If it is a good principle, then following it would prevent you from falling into error. 

What is bad about not having principles?

If you just do whatever you feel like according to your whims and fancies, you will fall into error. 

Why should the Labour Party in particular care about the fact that the Conservative Party has no principles? 

Because they took so much trouble over their clause iv and there were so many traumas and dramas over dumping it in 1995.  

Why should they let the Conservative Party (which doesn't even have a statement of principles) have one over them like this? 

Is this not something they should discuss amongst themselves at conference?

Would it not be a good question to ask David Cameron at Prime Minister's Questions? 

Would it not be deliciously amusing if journalists were to ask all Tory MPs entering and leaving their conference what the principles of the Conservative are in Manchester, and cause great consternation when they find they cannot answer this simple question because it is not written down anywhere, not even in their party constitution?

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