Monday, 28 October 2013

BDP Chairman Kevin Scott displays more pointless Islamophobia while saying he will vote UKIP in the 2014 EU elections

Kevin Scott Chairman of the BDP on Facebook today:

"I intend to vote UKIP in next year's EU elections (if only to help break-up the Lib-Lab-Con political cartel in this country) but I do so in the full knowledge they speak with fork tongue on issues such as immigration!"
He also said:

"An ideal way of spotting the politically correct is working out their attitude to Islam!"

He then posts which I reproduce below:

Opinions about Mohammed from the past

22nd October 2013

Ralph Musgrave

Mark of Toledo (who translated the Koran in early 1200s) said “sometimes Mohammed speaks like a crazy man, sometimes however like one who is lifeless, occasionally indeed promising eternal life to converts, but in a confused and unconnected style”.

Rocoldo, a priest who studied Islamic culture around 1300, said the Koran was “irrational, repetitive and obscene”.

Martin Luther (the German who founded the Protestant faith) agreed with Rocoldo.

Why weren’t Mark of Toledo, Rocoldo and Martin Luther arrested for . . er . . “inciting racial or religious hatred” (or whatever the fashionable phrase was in those days)?

Well, perhaps it was because they had more sense in those days. Perhaps their world was not infested with the politically correct.

I did a small amount of Roman and Ancient Greek history at school long ago, and I have no recollection of the word “racism” even existing in those societies.

In fact, this word was never used in Britain before World War Two!

How many Muslims can read and write?

According to the Muslim physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy: “Half of Arab women cannot read or write. The entire Arab world translates about 330 books annually, a fifth the number that Greece translates. In the thousand years since the reign of Caliph al Ma’mun, the Arabs have translated as many books as Spain does in a year.”

So the idea that we have anything significant to learn from Islam is clearly hogwash. And that of course is exactly why the politically correct support the idea: they are perverse self-haters intent on destroying a robust European culture. In fact, you will find the politically correct supporting anything Islamic (it is a good way of spotting them!) and even self-declared far-left atheists defending Islam!

For the politically correct, “culture” consists of inane nonsense like wearing burkhas or other daft bits of cloth over your face.

As to homegrown European culture: it needs to be enriched or discarded.
In fact, if the politically correct had their way, the advance of civilisation would go into reverse and we would end up in caves making grunting noises at each other (while praying to Allah, of course!)

Apart from demonstrating his hatred of Islam and Muslims, was there any purpose to these anti-Muslim ramblings?  Was this yet another post by Kevin Scott under a pseudonym?

How is this more constructive than what I am doing which is to point out the cause of British malaise because the likes of Kevin Scott are too afraid of doing so, for fear of offending SSMs?

Do BDP members really think Kevin Scott is going to do anything for the party before it fades away into deregistration?

Why won't these men let me be the BDP Media Spokesman and at least go out with a bang rather than a whimper?

Because they are omega males afraid of their omega females.

If you want to meet omega females I can do no better than suggest you register at  Remember, omega females are the ones with qualities you least desire in a wife.  

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