Monday, 21 October 2013

BDP claims to support marriage but dares not denounce SSMs. Typical. drones on in a mournful and irritating way about monogamy but does not say how the BDP as a party would support the institution of marriage. Perhaps the writer Tim Haydon already knows that there is no chance that the hypocritical and cowardly Chairman of the BDP Kevin Scott will ever criticise feminism because he is afraid of SSMs withholding their votes from him.

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The BDP should assume that these promiscuous and immoral female voters of Newcastle and Gateshead would withhold sex and votes from them as a matter of course and for this reason propose disenfranchsing the welfare-dependent who pay no taxes.  That would cause a nationwide stir too.

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It does seem from that piece that  the BDP Chairman has nothing new to propose apart from saying on Facebook that he will vote UKIP in 2015.

If that is the case, I  urge him to stand down as Chairman and recommend that I be made Madam Chairman instead.  I really do not think that there is anyone in the land more suited than me to promote the interests of the marginalised white urban proletariat of Britain.

While I know I am neither white nor indigenous, the cognitive dissonance of a female and a foreigner being able to talk like a white man causes the brain of the average left liberal journalist to short circuit and go blank. This happens so regularly to them that these days their only way of dealing with me is to pretend I do not exist or tell everyone they know that I am mad, but we know different, don't we, boys and girls?

Of course, I can do nothing for these people unless I have their support, but, having been deprived of a platform by Kevin Scott, I cannot help them.

What can they do to help themselves and help me?

Well, they could get in touch with Kevin by phone or by email and talk things over with him.

Remember, I am the only person in nationalism who can say all the things nationalists need to say without saying anything racist, antisemitic or Islamophobic and, most importantly of all, who is not afraid of criticising feminism.

There is no one else in the land who can do what I do, ie making the BDP capable of rivaling the BNP but only if they do what I say.  

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