Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Beautiful Blonde Lawyer

From Private Eye 1352
1 November - 14 November 2013

Page 36


"This slim stunning 50 year old woman has a Masters in Chinese and Middle Eastern Law.  She is understated and warm with a mischievous sense of fun.  She is compassionate and exciting whilst remaining grounded and down to earth.  This rather special woman is looking for a committed loving relationship with an interesting, genuine man.  

For a complimentary introduction telephone 0208 313 0918

This woman actually sounds quite interesting to me, but I may be discriminated against on the grounds that I am female.  I have in any case emailed her in the following terms:

"I would be interested to meet this client of yours, but suffer from the disadvantage of being female.  I would however like her to know that I am prepared to contemplate friendship or more, in principle."  


John Kemp said...

worth a dinner to find out I'd say.

Candice Lauralee Moonsawmy said...

Lawyers make great lovers.

Mark Barnes said...

Who is this mysterious saucepot? I'm sure she will appeal to the mature, lawyerly type of gentleman.

Stuart Adair said...

Photos please

Sophia Stewart said...

Lawyers are liars.

I would never date a lawyer.

A female Lawyer will probably be a feminazi and a right old boiler.

Mark Barnes said...

Perfect for a male lawyer that is a soulless husk characteristic of his liberal profession.

Sophia Stewart said...

Can you imagine being represented by a female lawyer? they are as bad as female vicars. Steer clear.

Most male lawyers are public school boys who weren't clever enough to work in the city.

John Kemp said...

Chinese and middle eastern law suggests a commercial or diplomatic background.

Anonymous said...

I've had dealings with Carpe Diem before and frankly the're a bunch of con artists.

I feel sorry for her though because CD will have charged her about £2500 and given her unrealistic expectations as to her prospects.