Saturday, 5 October 2013

BNP Lunar House Demo

SMS from BNP member at the Lunar House demo:

"BNP demo at Lunar House is pure shambles. UAF yelling at us for the past hour. Pretty soon we are all going to start hitting each other because there is nothing else to do. Plenty of police here but not that many [sic]. No sign of Nick Griffin or Adam Walker. Steve Squire and Carlos Cortiglia shouting through megaphones."   1304

"Dauntless member of public wanders over an wants information or expresses support. Some people honking as they go past. Steve Squire has brought some excellent long banners."   1319

"Mistake here is to waste time yelling back at UAF. They are all about 20 n 2n [sic]"  1339

"Want to start chant of RIGHTS FOR WHITES. That would stop the left in their tracks. People taking our leaflets including some polite blacks. Lefties with good cameras staring at us grimly for ages, waiting for violence, perhaps."  1353

"Reds singing what we shall we do with the drunker sailor.  What for?"  1355

" 'What shall we do with the BNP - earlie in the morning?'  'We are Croydon, you are scum.'  'Do you see Nazis?'  'Build a bonfire, build a bonfire.'  Their chanting gets better organised and they get as close as they can."  1404

"Their average age about 20 except for some old mad lefties."  1411

"Carlos now yelling bad temperedly in Spanish.  Honestly!"  1414

"Needless to say yelling at the Reds for hours on end is a tactical mistake.  Everyone is fed up with it.  Only Carlos can be bothered to answer.  Police photographing us now, which seems sinister."  1421

"It would be so interesting to see what would happen if the police weren't here.  They remain impassive between us.  Reds, who earlier had a hammer and sickle flag: MORE IMMIGRATION, NO BORDERS, NO NATION!!!  On our side; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!  Carlos mocks their la la las but he probably misses the subtleties."  1435

"Reds quiet suddenly, to listen to Carlos denouncing socialism?  No, they don't listen.  We should only speak to each other and to the public, not them.  Chanting resumed."  1440

"Embarrassing to have teenagers yelling at us about Auschwitz.  We yell back about Stalin.  Carlos produces a Polish nationalist who tells them his father was killed by the Russians at Katyn.  Bit of communication there for a while.  We are finishing at 3 thank goodness."  1451

"Some of them seen insane.  Screaming their heads off after 2 hours."  1459

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