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Claire Khaw asks questions of BDP Chairman Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott can have no doubt what it is I seek from him, which is answers to these questions:

1.  What do you hope that the BDP will achieve in its lifetime, bearing in mind that you said in September that you would vote UKIP in 2015?

2.  Do you think it would benefit the BDP to have a full and frank discussion on the benefits of civic nationalism?

3.  Would it be fair to say that your position is that you reject civic nationalism as a strategy?

4.  What do you understand by "Civic nationalism is a strategy, not a state of mind"?

5.  Why do you think UKIP is now so successful and the BNP is nowhere?

6.  Do you really think the British voter will return to ethno-nationalism in GE 2020? If you do, what is the basis of this opinion?

7.  Does your piece written under the name of John Stevens at  propose a practical course of action? If so, what is it?  Why did you not use your real name?

9. How close do you think the BDP is to its stated goal of being "professional, voter friendly and credible, without betraying core principles"and presenting "as winners, in order to win"?  What, if anything, have you done for the party towards this reaching this goal?

10.  Do you think ethno-nationalism (which is the polite word for racism) can ever be politically respectable in your lifetime?

11.   Has the BDP ever had a full and frank discussion about the benefits of civic nationalism?

12.   What is the BDP's opinion of Claire Khaw?

13.   Would you say that the reason why you would not have Claire Khaw at the launch of the party  - even after the Treasurer Adrian Davies asked if she could come along - is because she is a civic nationalist and has said civic nationalism is the only way forward for British nationalism?

14.    Would you say that the BDP is a party dominated by Northerners?

15.    Would you say that Northern Nationalists are more likely to be ethno-nationalist than civic nationalist?

16.    Would you say this North-South divide can easily be explained by the educational background of Northerners?

17.   Would you say that the typical Southern Nationalist is more likely to have a higher standard of education than the Northern Nationalist?

18.   Would you say that someone educated is more likely to understand what is meant by "Civic nationalism is a strategy, not a state of mind" than someone who has not had much of an education and who sees being rude about other races as a form of political activism?

20.    Would you say that the BDP is an exclusively ethno-nationalist party?

21.    Would you say that Adrian Davies, Treasurer of the BDP, is in fact advocating civic nationalism?

22.    Is the reason why you are prepared to tolerate Adrian Davies promoting civic nationalism but not Claire Khaw doing the same thing is because you know you cannot reasonably exclude him after all the work he has done on the party constitution?

23.    Would it be fair to say that it is your policy to suppress anyone who expresses civic nationalist views because you can easily do so in your position as Party Chairman?  Would you acknowledge that this could be described as an abuse of your position?  Would you say that Nick Griffin was known to have abused his position as Chairman of the BNP?

24.    Can you name a BDP member apart from Adrian Davies who advocates civic nationalism as a means of acquiring political respectability?

25.    Would it be fair to say that you have in fact given up on the BDP?

26.    Would it be fair to say that you would rather the BDP came to nothing than admit Claire Khaw as a member and allow her to attempt to acquire political respectability for the BDP though civic nationalism?

27.     Were the BDP to become officially and unambiguously civil nationalist, would it make sense to have a non-white member in a prominent position, to show that you are properly civic nationalist and not still a bunch of racists pretending to be civic nationalists?

28.     Were such a thing to happen, does this mean that Claire Khaw would inevitably be this non-white member and this is precisely what you do not want?

29.    What have you got against Claire Khaw apart from the fact that she is a civic nationalist and you do not want any more civic nationalists in your party apart from Adrian Davies?

30.    Would you say that the BDP is just an earlier unmodernised version of the BNP?

31.    Would it be fair to say that the BDP is in fact more racist than the BNP?

32.    Do you really think a more racist version of the BNP is going to work better than the modernised version of the BNP?

33.    What has the BDP achieved since its launch, apart from come to the notice of Claire Khaw that they are excluding her from meetings on racial grounds and also because they don't want to hear her say that civic nationalism is the only way towards political respectability?

34.    Is the reason why you refused to give a reason for excluding Claire Khaw from your launch meeting in February 2013 because you feared you might get into trouble with the EHRC?

35.   Would it be fair to say that you do not care about political respectability as long as everyone agrees with you?

36.    If it is true that you do not care for political respectability as long as most members of the party share your views, in what way is your leadership better than Nick Griffin's?

  • Stuart Hamilton Claire Khaw is great entertainment, but no political party whether they be sensible or otherwise, will have her for understandable reasons
  • Stuart Hamilton Kevin Scott is claire khaw officially banned?
  • Kevin Scott Hello Stuart, and thanks for your concern about the strange journey of Ms Khaw. As you say, no party (whether UKIP, BNP, Tory, Labour - I think she has joined or attempted to join them all!) will entertain her, so why does she think the BDP will be any different? She was given a chance a year or so ago to state her case on a public platform in Newcastle and failed miserably. She is a poor public speaker and had nothing to say other than the anti-immigration movement in this country should embrace immigrants (like her, obviously!) Everybody was very civil and polite to her and she was made to feel very welcome and given a chance to explain her position, both privately and from the platform. She even went native and sank a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale with the lads!! And that was the end of that!!! I do wish she would find another hobby or past time to occupy her time. Or even follow the advice of the anti-immigration parties she attempts to join and finds the courage to repatriate herself (as a good example to all those immigrants she wants to appeal to via her brand of 'civic nationalism'!) I hope that helped.
  • Stuart Hamilton what was it that she would have needed to have done at the meeting to have convinced you to let her join?
  • Kevin Scott Actually said something that was of interest or even helpful to our cause!
  • Tom Price If she liked Newcastle Brown, she is one of us.
  • Stuart Hamilton can you give an example of what that might actually be?
  • Kevin Scott Drink Vaux Double Maxim(as I'm originally from Sunderland!)
  • Stuart Hamilton had she said something useful and you had admitted her to the party, would you have been able to cope with the negative publicity she generates?
  • Kevin Scott I hate to break the shock news to you, Stuart, but she has nothing useful or even that interesting to say. She is just grandstanding or pursuing some attention-seeking agenda to compensate for the nothingness (it sometimes happens to people from immigrant stock in a strange country) in her life.
  • Stuart Hamilton what do you make of the hypothetical speeches she has written welcoming her into various parties and even making her leader?
  • Stuart Hamilton This is from ask FM

    In what way does civic nationalism differ from ethno nationalism as a strategy and a final result?

    Ethno-nationalism is like a child saying "Wah! I want you to take me they playground NOW!"

    Civic nationalism is it saying "Isn't this a lovely day, mother? Do you think we might go to the park later if that is what you would like?"
    Ethno-nationalism is a man saying to a woman he fancies "Oi, fancy a shag?"
    Civic nationalism is a man saying to a woman he fancies, "May I buy you a drink?"
  • Stuart Hamilton I think she has a talent for comedy!
  • Kevin Scott Yes, maybe she is working on a right-wing version of the BBC Citizen Smith sitcom!
  • Leon Claire once did a stand-up comedy course, Kevin!
  • Leon Kevin, do you agree with Claire that politicians, especially those on the Right, should discuss and criticize feminism?
  • Kevin Scott Criticise feminism (in the north east of England!)? Is she mad?
  • Leon Why though? If you can inveigh against other sacred cows of the politically correct Establishment, why not feminism? Or do you not regard feminism as a problem?
  • Kevin Scott (Unlike Claire,) I have knocked on thousands of doors and listened to thousands of ordinary people and although many of them had very strident views about the state of the country, particularly on politically incorrect subjects such as race and immigration, not once did anyone mention feminism, Leon. Sorry to disappoint you!
  • Leon Because the average voter is stupid and irrational, and probably does not link certain societal problems with feminism.

    You can quietly support killing off feminism without kicking up a fuss simply by having a policy of advocating the repeal of the Equality Act 2010.
  • Kevin Scott I will mention that important piece of legislation the next time I go canvassing, Leon. *cough*
  • Leon Simon Sheppard and Lady Renouf are the only nationalists I have ever heard criticize feminism, and the latter did so only fleetingly in an interview.
  • Stuart Hamilton They are both viewed as cranks almost on the same level as claire
  • Leon Can only cranks oppose feminism?
  • Claire Khaw What did she say?
  • Stuart Hamilton feminism is open to being defined, there are different definitions. interpretating all ills in society as being caused by a difficult to define abstract concept such as feminism is something you would expect see from a crank.
  • Leon I forget what the subject of the discussion was, but she mentioned in passing that feminism was an ill that everyone was refusing to condemn.

    I'll have a look for the clip.
  • Stuart Hamilton its strange for a female to condemn feminism at a political meeting, one of the definitions in the dictionary is seeking political equality, perhaps these women should not be speaking at political meetings in the first place then and politics should be left to the men, its a rather feminist thing to do to give political speeches to an audience of largely men
  • Leon It is narrow-minded to seek the meaning of ‘feminism’ from a dictionary. It is not simply a word, but a comprehensive political ideology and socio-cultural movement.
  • Stuart Hamilton well a women seeking to persuade people at a political meeting to give her opinion some weight in an environment traditionally associated with men does have feminist feel to it, did women attend political meetings like that a 100 years ago and try and convince men to take them seriously
  • Claire Khaw Just because you don't agree with feminism does not mean women should not state their opinions. There is no connection between the two. 

    As far as I am concerned I am antifeminist because I wish to repeal the Equality Act 2010 and to reintroduce fault into divorce. 

    This is because most people regard themselves as feminists these days.
  • Claire Khaw "Feminism has brought such disadvantage to women."
  • Stuart Hamilton claire does not want women to have political influence and instead wants a patriarchy, the political parties that have male leaders which she fancies taking over are actually granting her wish in a way by dismissing her and her attempts to hold influence
  • Claire Khaw Apparently, it is a Jewish thing.
  • Claire Khaw I am against indiscriminate universal suffrage so universal female and female suffrage were both completely wrong. 

    The principle should be no representation without taxation, which would in effect exclude most women.
  • Leon Patriarchy does not mean abolishing the vote for women per se, Stuart, or not allowing women to rise to the top of politics on merit. 

    Margaret Thatcher also opposed feminism and led the nation.
  • Claire Khaw It is obviously idiotic to give people the vote just for existing.
  • Claire Khaw It is also pretty clear to me that most people are either stupid or venal and cannot be trusted not to just vote for whichever party bribes the most.
  • Leon Is there anything in the Qur’an that could be interpreted as oppositional to universal suffrage, Claire?
  • Claire Khaw It is silent on suffrage.
  • Claire Khaw "the political parties that have male leaders which she fancies taking over are actually granting her wish in a way by dismissing her and her attempts to hold influence"

    It is not because of my gender that I am being ignored, Stuart! It is because of my *race* in the case of the BDP. 

    Possibly, even if I were male and white I would also be looked at askance for questioning the matriarchy.
  • Stuart Hamilton most women i know work and pay tax! under your own system you would not be allowed to vote
  • Claire Khaw I know I may one day disenfranchise myself, but I am not bothered if most people vote sensibly.
  • Claire Khaw And they will only vote sensibly if you narrow the franchise.
  • Claire Khaw Why is this rocket science?
  • Stuart Hamilton the bdp said they made you feel welcome but you were totally shit and gave a poor speech and said nothing of interest which helped what they stood for
  • Leon Only if the narrow(ed) franchise of voters share your views on what is ‘sensible’, Claire!
  • Claire Khaw It was not a BDP meeting. The BDP did not exist at the time. It was a Nationalist Unity Meeting and I said civic nationalism was the only way forward to a bunch of Northern Neanderthals who were talking about the 14 words. No, I did not expect it to go down well, but my speech remains relevant to this day. The only reason why they are keeping me out is because I made a bad speech? I suggest to you that they are keeping me out because they don't want to hear any more of my civic nationalist crap.
  • Claire Khaw This does not mean that I regret making that speech. Kevin Scott is an ethno nationalist and would not want to hear that sort of thing by a female and a foreigner as well as Londoner and Southerner. He is bound to denigrate such a speech so there are no surprises there.
  • Stuart Hamilton they do not believe in civic, its like a catholic trying to covert a jehovas witness, the jehova witness does not want to here somebody bang on about the pope
  • Claire Khaw But they are now talking about civic nationalism in the BDP.

    Kevin Scott himself wrote this at
    Civil Liberty defending free speech against the tyranny of political correctness
  • Stuart Hamilton why would somebody use a strategy which takes them away from the racial segregation that they want
  • Claire Khaw Because if they are serious politicians they have to be realistic, but I guess they are not.
  • Claire Khaw They are just happy to start up a party and then let it die.
  • Claire Khaw Cos they are stupid and stubborn like that.
  • Leon I think it is clear that ethnic nationalists and civic nationalists differ so much fundamentally, despite sharing the brand ‘nationalism’, that they would be better off separating into two parties: the NF for ethnos and probably the BNP for civics.
  • Leon Kevin Scott, what are the key differences between the Brit Dems and the National Front?
  • Claire Khaw Yes, they can separate into their different groups and achieve precisely NOTHING.

  • Claire Khaw Kevin Scott: "[Claire Khaw] she has nothing useful or even that interesting to say." 

    Kevin, what have you said that is useful or interesting about nationalism, apart from saying that you would vote UKIP in 2015?
  • Claire Khaw My big ideas are:

    1. repeal the Equality Act 2010

    2. make nationalism civic

    3. reintroduce fault into the divorce

    4. make nationalism the party of the lower middle classes

    What big ideas do you have, Kevin? 

    If you haven't got any big ideas, have you got any little ones?
  • Claire Khaw But it seems discussing ideas and policies is "grandstanding" according to Kevin.
  • Claire Khaw That is the trouble with the working classes, they have no tradition of discussing ideas in a civil and rational way. Even the university-educated ones, like Kevin, are quite hopeless at it. They either get angry or give up. The spirit of philosophical deconstruction of their opponents' ideas has never entered their soul. 

    I would be a breath of fresh air to British Nationalism. 

    Kevin, whom do I have to pay to make me Chairman of the BDP?

I just have a feeling that my exclusion from the BDP is not because of my doubtful oratorical skills, but for racial reasons.   What do you think, dear reader?

I am not such a headbanger that I would ask the NF why on earth they won't admit me as a member. However, when the Treasurer of the BDP is known to promote civic nationalism, it seems not quite right that I should be excluded from the launch meeting in February and for the London Organiser to pointedly not respond to a question I asked, which was whether I could attend their May meeting.

They are certainly more "racial" than the BNP.

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