Sunday, 20 October 2013

Claire Khaw to buy the BDP for £5K?
Q:  would you be willing to buy the BDP for £5k
A:  To whom would this sum be payable? Kevin Scott?
Q:  £5k split between the committee and they all resign
A:  How many on the Committee? It does sound quite an interesting offer.
Q:  What is wrong with paper sales? Political supports starts at a grassroots level — bottom-up. Even Nigel Farage has publicly adopted the approach of Paddy Ashdown, which established the Liberal Democrats at local level first.
A:  I am just saying I want a more sophisticated and direct way of communicating with the party's potential supporters.
Q:  would you change the bdps name to the britain first party as the idea of putting the national interest above all is encapsulated in the idea of putting britain first?
A:  I don't like Britain First because it sounds so fringe party. If I could easily change the name I would call it the British National Independence Party - to be shortened into the B-Nips.
Q:  We are not sure if you are just grandstanding or are serious, you need to show us you are serious what do you do for a job? are you some joker on benefits?
A:  Serious about what?
Q:  If you bought the British Democratic Party and the Committee resigned, how would you build up the party in terms of popular endorsement from scratch?
A: has a few ideas. Clearly, I would invite the more talented ex-BNP members who would countenance working with me and are OK about how far they can be ethno-nationalists as I have outlined at
Q:  when we say £5k we mean cash all at once, if you get my drift, not £1 a week for the next million years, are you an attention seeking time waster?
A:  I don't even know if you are even in the BDP. *You* could just be winding me up! If you are really serious then get in touch with me by email, please.
Q:  we are not interested in a time waster like you, your ex associate Dave Jones has reliably informed us that you are on benefits please do not disturb us again, should you be able to find somebody genuine with £5k who will sponsor you, feel free to get back in touch with proof
A:  Get in touch with *whom*, please?
Q:  post something with proof on facebook that somebody reputable has agreed to put up £5k, preferably a nationalist with a good reputation, if this happens it will be done for mutual publicity purposes
A:  If you just get in touch with me by email and convince me you are not some mischief maker who is not even a member of the BDP let alone a committee member, we can take this further. I have already given you my email.
Q:  the burden is on you to prove you are not a mischief maker, we have nick name for you "The Grandstander"
A:  I will just ask Adrian Davies then. He is the Treasurer after all and he would know whether the Committee are really willing to sell.
Q:  btw you get to keep that civic adrian as part of the deal, we do not want him
A:  Thank you very much.
Q:  If Kevin Scott agreed to sell you the BDP for half of the value of your house, would you sell your house to raise the funds for the purchase of the party?
A:  I think I must be seen to be doing a good deal, *and not be obviously mad*, to make a go of the lame duck BDP. Buying the BDP for obviously more than what it is worth would suggest I am mad, would it not? Is there any nationalist in the land who thinks Kevin has it in him to make a go of it? Not even the people who have known him over the years and who say he is a good bloke.
Q:  if kev sells it to you at least 30 of us will leave, the man has lost his mind, WE WILL NEVER STAND A GOOK, we do not like your sort even if you got the €€€€€
A:  So it is Kevin who wants to sell, does it? I don't mind if you go after I take over, because I am only interested in working with ethno-nationalists who want to work with civic nationalists and adopt a strategy of civic nationalism. To be honest, I want to attract a better class of nationalist capable of understanding my ideas anyway, so please don't stay on my account.
Q:  is there any nationalist you can name that will put the money up, a man of sound reputation,obviously a civic
A:  I do hope that there will be civic nationalists who will want to be part of this political project, which is to rehabilitate the image of nationalism and turn it into an ideology that is acknowledged to be noble, rational and moral.

Mark Collett is such a nice young man.

It is possible that the person appearing to make the offer has no authority to do so.  What do you think, dear reader?  

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