Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Do you think the BNP would get more votes if it changed its constitution to Version B?

Version A:

3.2.1 Our Party is a party of British Nationalism, both ethnic and civic, and we are committed to the principle of national sovereignty in all our British Homeland affairs and of self determination and sovereignty in all Indigenous British affairs. We are pledged to the continued creation, fostering, maintenance and existence of a unity and of the integrity of the Indigenous British and of the government of the countries of England, Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland, and of Eire which together, and as further expanded in Schedule 1 (“Interpretation Rules”), are referred to in this, our Constitution, as our “British Homeland”.

Version B:

"Our party is a party of British civic nationalism committed to promoting the long-term national interest through the judicious balancing of the conflicting needs and wants of British citizens of different races, classes, religions, genders, ages and abilities. We are pledged to maintain the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the establishment of meritocracy facilitated by social mobility. Social mobility can only be facilitated by a free and excellent selective education system."

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