Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Draft letter for Andrew Brons welcoming Claire Khaw into the British Democratic Party

Dear Ms Khaw

Please accept my sincere apologies for not getting back to you until now.  Your questions at were rather difficult to answer honestly without having to abandon ethno-nationalism altogether.

I will answer them in the order that they were asked.

Q1.   "Whether ethno-nationalists like it or not, Civic Nationalism is the only way towards electoral respectability.  When racial nationalists say they will be voting UKIP at the 2015 General Election, they are in fact conceding that Civic Nationalists have won the argument."  Would Andrew Brons care to comment on this?

A1.   It would appear that civic nationalism has won the argument, as you say.

Q2.  If civic nationalists have indeed won the argument, it is not time for ethno-nationalists to acknowledge this, and plan for the future on this basis?

A3.   Yes, it would appear wise to do so.

Q4.   If civic nationalists have indeed won the argument and voters use UKIP as the biggest stick with which to beat the Tories with at the 2015 General Election, how likely do you think the voter is to return to ethnno-nationalism at the General Election after that?

A4.   Not at all likely.

Q5.   If you think it is unlikely that the voter would return to the ethno-nationalist parties after voting UKIP at the next General Election, do you think it is now time for the BDP and BNP to go civic nationalist sooner rather than later so that you are in a position to compete with UKIP at the next General Election?

A5.   I do believe you could be right.

Q6.   If you are thinking of going civic nationalist sooner rather than later, do you think have a non-white such as Claire Khaw in your party in a prominent position would show that you are doing more than paying lip service to civic nationalism and utterly transform your image from being racist evil extremist antisemites and Islamophobes to something more morally and intellectually respectable?

A6.   Absolutely.  You would be a breath of fresh air and certainly useful to the BDP in transforming its image.

Q7.   If you think civic nationalism is boring, do you think Claire Khaw would be the best person in Britain to make civic nationalism attractive, inclusive and exciting?

A7.   Try as I might I can think of no one else who wants the job more or can do the job better than you.

Q8.   Are you aware that the Claire Khaw has been described as a "British Nationalist Philosopher" by Hugh Muir of The Guardian?
Who else in nationalism has been described as such?

A8.   No one but you.

Q9.   Are you afraid of letting Claire Khaw into your party because you fear she will take over?

A9.   I think you can understand why some of our members might be a little nervous at that prospect.

Q10.  What are you afraid she might do if Claire Khaw does indeed take over?

A10.   Of doing better than anyone of us has done so far.

Q11.  Why don't you let Claire Khaw do the job that you ethno-nationalists clearly cannot?

A11.   To be honest, I cannot now think of any cogent or moral reasons not to do so apart from the unbearable howls of pain and squeals and squawks of Kevin Scott and his ilk.

Q12.   Would you say that your true position is that you would rather your race became hopelessly degenerate or even extinct rather than admit that ethno-nationalism is a dead duck?

A12.   This used to be our unstated position, but you have now persuaded us that civic nationalism is the way forward, and for that we are grateful to you.

Q13.  Would you say that your true position is that you would rather your race became hopelessly degenerate if not actually extinct than accept any advice or assistance from Claire Khaw even as you know that ethno-nationalism has been a miserable failure for so many decades now?

A13.   Certainly not!

Q14.  Are you aware that Pride is a Deadly Sin?

A14.   I certainly am.

Q15.  Is it your intention never to have this debate so that you can take your ethno-nationalist beliefs with you to your graves?

A15.  I am delighted to inform you that we have now had this debate and accepted the unassailable logic of your arguments that ethno-nationalism is a lost cause.

Welcome, to the BDP, Ms Khaw.  We look forward to seeing what you can do for us as BDP Media Spokesman.  It is very much hoped that you will accept this appointment.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Brons

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