Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Draft Speech by Nigel Farage on welcoming Claire Khaw - an ex-BNP member - into UKIP

"Why, you ask, is Claire Khaw now a member of UKIP?  Was she not a member of the BNP?   Aren't ex-BNP members barred from joining UKIP, you ask.

We have been informed by our legal advisers that this prohibition is in fact ultra vires.  There is therefore no valid reason to forbid Claire, whose talent and conviction are undoubted, from being of use to UKIP.  Claire Khaw, UKIP welcomes you warmly."  

[Curtsies and blows kisses to an enthusiastic audience giving her warm applause and loud cheers.]

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snork maiden said...

Wow. Any chance you could draft Cameron's resignation speech?