Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Draft Statement for Nick Griffin welcoming Claire Khaw back into the BNP

"It gives me great pleasure to welcome Claire Khaw back into the BNP.  She was wrongly expelled in 2011 for her comments about Riven Vincent's severely disabled child on the Victoria Derbyshire Show, which she made in a personal capacity.  At no time did she represent herself as a member of the party.  The fact that it was subsequently discovered that she was a member of the BNP by her enemies is neither here nor there.

In the name of expediency, and for the purposes of killing the story, she was expelled even though she was technically innocent of any misdemeanor.

While many said she brought the party into disrepute, the fact is that in politics whatever you say will be considered offensive, immoral and disreputable by someone holding the opposite view.  The BNP is a party singled out for special opprobrium and it is for this reason that talented activists who draw the fire of the liberal media should be defended by the party, or at the very least, given the chance to defend themselves.  It was regrettable that this was not done and we lost the opportunity of making a real impression on London and the nation during the London Mayoral elections that year.

However offensive people found her views, they were no more than saying that

(1) she would not wish to bring up a severely disabled child

(2) she would not pass the cost of its maintenance onto the British taxpayer

(3) in the pre-welfare state days the midwife would have disposed of it for her.

Claire had a right to say what is in fact intellectually and morally defensible without being unfairly punished and the party should have defended her right to express that view.  The fact that it did not demonstrated that the party did not then clearly understand the principle of free speech.  It is the principle that protects our liberties and is the foundation of Western civilisation.

Henceforth members who makes controversial statements will be given a chance to defend themselves. Their performance will be videoed and put on the party website and party members will be  invited to vote for or against their expulsion.   This move is intended to democratise our party as well as nurture political talent and encourage people of courage and talent to join the BNP.

Claire should be made welcome in the BNP, for there is much she can do for nationalists in the short, medium and long term.  I can think of no one better to be our MEP candidate in the South East for the EU elections of 2014.  In the 2015 General Election she would also be an excellent prospective parliamentary candidate that will give the liberal media to whom she is already known as an "activist-philosopher" a run for their money.

In 2015 the party will also have its leadership election.  It has long been said that I have a policy of removing anyone who might become leader from the party, and now would be the perfect time to demonstrate to you all that I do not mind leadership elections at all if the contenders actually have a chance of winning against me.

Claire has big ideas for the party, chief of which is for the BNP to officially and unambiguously adopt civic nationalism so that we can work more closely and fully with UKIP with a view to a merger in the future. Such a merger would turn us social conservatives and Eurosceptics into a bigger stick with which to beat the LibLabCon - they, who are the lunatics and extremists already in power and starting unprofitable wars in the name of the British people - and there is everything to be said for making this bold strategic move.  It is surprising how much you can achieve if you don't mind who takes the credit.

While I know such an idea will be more repugnant to some of our more "traditional" members, they at least know that they have the option of joining the NF.  I would strongly encourage those who have a view on civic nationalism and Claire's possible leadership of the party to join the party now, in order to vote for or against her in 2015.  This message is particularly addressed to all former members of the BNP who have gone to join ever smaller nationalist parties and who must now know that if the BNP has been eclipsed by UKIP, then they will be in the shadow of the BNP who is already in the shadow of UKIP.

Rejoin the BNP and we may yet compete and rival UKIP after we become officially and unambiguously civic nationalist under Claire's leadership.  Do not miss this opportunity of being part of something potentially great and racially inclusive.

The BNP - for all the peoples of Britain."

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