Monday, 7 October 2013

Draft Statement for Nigel Farage on Adam Afriyie's amendment to the EU referendum bill

"Adam Afriyie's proposal to table an amendment to the EU referendum bill was publicised late Saturday 5 October.  It is now Monday 7 October and I apologise for the delay in expressing a view on this, but this was a matter that required deep soul-searching.  We all know, of course, that if Afriyie succeeded and the country proceeded to have a referendum on 23 October 2014 as he proposed, there would be no reason for UKIP to exist by the time the 2015 General Election came round.  There is also understandably some reluctance from UKIP members who feel the existence of their party to be threatened by someone they regard as uppity n*gger to support this same uppity n*gger.  There are those in UKIP who would ignore Afriyie and who are in favour of waiting for him to fail.

As leader of UKIP, it is incumbent on me to show moral leadership on this matter.

It has been said by Nationalist Philosopher Claire Khaw:

"If it should be done then it must be done, if it must be done then it must be done as soon as possible."

There is no flaw in this reasoning that I can honestly find, and we would be fools to believe Cameron's promise that he would hold one in 2017 if he were still Prime Minister.  A week in politics is already a long time and for us in 2013 to wait until 2017 is the political equivalent of waiting upon a contingency for an eternity.

The Cause is always always more important than the political tribe that claims to support it.  If Afriyie alone in all the Conservative Party is capable of proposing an EU referendum sooner rather than later, then he should and must have the support of UKIP.

Any Eurosceptic Tory and Labour MP who does not support his amendment will be put on the UKIP hit list for GE 2015.  Indeed, it is my intention to do a deal with the BNP so that we do not stand against each other in constituencies in which one of us is obviously more likely to do better than the other, in order to inflict maximum damage on the hypocrites, cowards, careerists and racists of the Tory Party.

UKIP congratulates Adam Afriyie on his bold and strategic move, and wishes him every success."
Draft Statement for Nick Griffin

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