Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Draft Victory Speech of Claire Khaw after winning BNP leadership election

"Thank you, Nick, for such a gracious farewell speech.  I am grateful to you.  Happily, we know this will not be the last of you, and that we will see you again soon at the many nationalist events that will take place in the short and medium term.  I am sure we will need the benefit of your advice and experience in the difficult times ahead.  

For those members who have not met me, I hope to be meeting you soon in order to demonstrate to you that your party is in good hands and will go from strength to strength.  I like to think I am a listening leader and will always be pleased to have the benefit of your advice and experience too.

Those of you who already know that I am not your cup of tea will doubtless be heading off the National Front where I trust you will receive a warm welcome.

Those of you who do know me will know me for my longstanding and stated ambition of making the BNP officially and unambiguously a party of civic nationalism.

You will also know that I intend to substitute clause 3.2.1 of the party constitution with the following:

"Our party is a party of civic nationalism committed to promoting the long-term national interest through the judicious balancing of the conflicting needs and wants of British citizens of different races, classes, religions, genders, ages and abilities. We are pledged to maintain the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the establishment of meritocracy facilitated by social mobility. Social mobility can only be facilitated by a free and excellent selective education system." 

It is my earnest hope you will stay with me and the party to become part of the Brave New Britain that we will now build together."

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