Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Extracts from Women as Weapons by Simon Sheppard

From Heritage and Destiny September/October 2013

Simon Sheppard:

"Males learn in adolescence that expressing sympathy with female attitudes improves their success. Thereafter their adoption of feminine perspectives can become automatic and largely unconscious. If this is not the dominant mechanism. then it is certainly a major one: the male deceives himself in order to increase his reproductive success."

"Nationalist sentiment is a normal and natural male expression, likely even part of our genetic makeup, and understanding how males are being emasculated will help us identify the feminine trends in contemporary society. If preserving the integrity of the tribe/nation is a male instinct, then the female's is the opposite. In stark biological terms, the male is endogamous (in-breeding) and the female is exogamous (out-breeding). By the Game of Opposites also, the male instinct is to encourage the strong while the female instinct is to nurture the weak. Of course immigrant populations are far from weak but this is clearly how the feminine mind perceives them. This is reinforced by media wittering about 'racism' and seizing upon any and all slights against them. To her they are vulnerable if not downtrodden, and a population on whom she can demonstrate her largesse."

"After aeons of having power over children, we are supposed to believe that womankind is going to shed millions of years of evolutionary refinement and suddenly acquire the powers of objective thought and rationality, which men have developed over millennia."

"For the female, reality is a constraint that is imposed externally. When she is divorced from masculine reality she loses all appreciation and the struggles and sacrifices which males have made to produce the amenities she now unthinkingly exploits, and the pleasures she now enjoys."

"A feminine population is docile, impressionable and ripe for exploitation - indeed another theory states that the Super Feminine State becomes extinct. A more masculine and aggressive population will dominate and inevitably overcome it."  

"I concluded that with the disinhibition of female instincts it was possible for normality to be turned on its head, and the proof of that is in the present. Walking around some British city centres of an evening it sometimes seems that the only healthy looking people are foreigners. One might see Slave couples with the woman (not the man) pushing the pram., or Japanese and Chinese couples, while British girls strut around with trains of young men in tow. Many of the natives are drunk or show obvious signs of drug use."

E Michael Jones in Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control:

"Men at the beck of passion is in may ways like a particle with no will of his own, since reason, especially morals, is the sole source of a man's ability to govern himself. Once gratification of passion becomes the definition of liberty, then liberty becomes synonymous with bondage because he who controls the passion controls the man."


Anonymous said...

Now this is interesting. Very interesting.

Simon Sheppard claims that females prefer males who express female characteristics.

That's actually bullshit though, and here's why: the great majority of women do not want an effeminate man - instead they want a masculine man. One who will dominate them, rather than one who is meek, weak and womanlike.

Claire Khaw said...

Apparently, at different times of the month the female prefers different kinds of men.

It is probably a bit like a man wanting an angel in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom.

The woman wants a safe and reliable beta male whom she can easily dominate but also wants to be dominated by an alpha male.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that too, but I'm not sure totally what they mean...

Different kinds of men in terms of what?

Looks? Personality? Status?

Claire Khaw said...

Here it is at

Do Birth Control Pills Make Women Prefer Feminine Men?

snork maiden said...

Aren't all Sheppard's arguments based on some colossol generalizations? Do you believe yourself to fall into the category of weak minded females who cannot apply logic or reason to her surroundings but is governed entirely by destructive primal urges?

Claire Khaw said...

Are you really saying that generalisations are not helpful?