Monday, 14 October 2013

Fascism reinvented for the modern era: Generation Identity in the UK

I just have a feeling Searchlight they won't publish my comment so here it is.

Claire Khaw
It is so comical that the Left is bigging up these groups and people as somehow dangerous, when these so-called men now shun me because I, who am not a racist, and who am neither Islamophobic or antisemitic, dared to question and criticise feminism.

These so-called men are actually afraid of offending their omega females because they fear that these women would withhold sexual access to them if they were offended by any perceived endorsement of my antifeminist views.

What is there to fear from men who are afraid of their women?

Display this if you dare!

Britain has evolved a thriving anti-fascist industry, which must constantly find examples of a “far Right threat” to justify its existence. In reality, most Britons regard silly salutes and shiny boots as foreign affectations, and no fascist MP has ever been elected, either in the United Kingdom or elsewhere in the Anglosphere. So anti-fascists are forced to throw their definition wider and wider. Here, for example, is Matthew Goodwin, who makes a career out of combating the “far Right”, predictably complaining that Robinson’s conversion is not genuine and that nothing has changed for the EDL and yada yada. 

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