Friday, 25 October 2013

Gay nationalist Peter Phillips did *not* part ways with BDP because they had a problem with him being out and proud

It was because he disagreed with the way the party was being run, and it is being run by committee. explains this concept.

It is also another way of saying run by buck-passing.

When I was excluded from the London IONA Forum it was a decision by Committee.  Ditto Traditional Britain Group.

Below are a few more suggestions of what it all means.

"It means they're pretending to make decisions as a group. But in reality the decisions have already been made by their handlers. It's all a sham."

"It's a way to avoid ever having a responsible party to blame."

They have a committee structure and insist on everything being "bottom up" up rather than "top down", whatever that means.  Party members think Andrew Brons is President, but he isn't and they have no real leader.  Kevin Scott is only the Chairman of the Steering Committee.  It is clear that they lack party identity and different regions do whatever they like.

It is possible that Peter Phillips

wanted a shot at the leadership, but everyone else was in favour of the Committee System.  You can see from his analysis of the national debt that he is leadership material, but it seems that is not good enough for the easily-frightened founder members of the BDP who really didn't want a leader at all.   The fact that he is gay would add great interest, but they decided not to take any chances.  He must have seen that the BDP was a hopeless case and because of this wouldn't give them the True Brits name which he had copyrighted.

It seems the Committee System is an extreme response to Nick Griffin's leadership style of Führerprinzip

Instead of electing a leader with suitable checks and balances, they basically opted to have no leader at all.

How interesting that these men do not or will not accept that without a leader they will never get anywhere. Instead, they prefer to faff around in the fields of failure until their dying day, while allowing nationalism to be associated with racism, antisemitism and Islamophobia peopled by the lumpenproletariat too stupid to even elect a leader because they are afraid of being kicked around by someone who is going to exploit and abuse them without getting them anywhere.

What this also says is that they are too distrustful even of each other to choose a proper leader.

What a shame that British nationalism is now reduced to this kind of pathetic and womanish risk-aversion.

Doubtless these men are not in the least bit afraid of being told that they are incompetent and effeminate cowards and prefer the occupational therapy of pretending to be in a party that is really a social club for old timers who cannot accept that times have moved on.

This is a classic case of putting the cart before the horse.

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