Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Gordon Ramsay admits to spying on teenage daughter 

But Gordon Ramsay allows his daughter to have a boyfriend at 15.  How many changes of boyfriend has his daughter had?

"Oh, dad, I have used up my last boyfriend, can I have another one?"

"Yeah, sure, babe. Just make sure you don't get pregnant, yeah?"

That is why Muslim sex predators groom the daughters of British men for sex.

"Dad, if I can have a boyfriend,  why can't I have a boyfriend of another race?  Is it because you are racist, dad?  If you stop me I could call ChildLine and tell them what a racist Islamophobic shit you are, and we all know that being racist is the worst thing in the world to be, and I shouldn't have to listen to anything a racist Islamophobic shit like you says, should I?"   

Male Facebook friend 1:

15 is too young to have a boyfriend really. When I was in sixth form and started getting to know girls I was surprised at how care-free some of girls' fathers were. These people were middle class as well. Very little control over their daughters' behaviour. Not like my dad was with my sister.


What do you when you have a boyfriend? Why, you fuck him of course. If you have a boyfriend at 15 does it mean you shouldn't fuck him? How many of these girls care about the age of consent? How many adolescent schoolboys under 16 care about the age of consent?

Male Facebook friend 1:

None of them I knew cared about age of consent. Most of them had lost their virginity at about 15. By 17 they had already has 3 or 4 changes of boyfriend. It's strange because when people talk about "promiscuity" they tend to mean having casual sex with many partners. Yet female serial monogamy is also another "hidden" form of promiscuity.

Male Facebook friend 2:

I enforce a nearly cloistered life upon my 15 year old daughter. There is plenty of time in life for her when she's mature enough to make decisions that could and will greatly effect her future. Her job at this point in life is to focus on her studies and then move on to University. She is smart enough to have noticed (disapprovingly) the 'slide' that many of her classmates have already made toward slutdom.

Maybe most British mothers don't care about their daughters having under-aged sex because they think it is all about growing up and learning how to bargain with men using sex.  

It seems most British fathers who are still living with their wives and children now have the same view too.

It is no wonder that sex predators of other races target white indigenous adolescent females when they are all expected to be sexually active by the time they are 15.

Male or female, the more sex you have had with different partners, the more likely you are to treat relationships as so many used condoms.  

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