Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Mona Siddiqui fails to denounce feminism and make the connection that feminism causes paedophilia

Listening to Mona Siddiqui's Thought For the Day, I am reminded of a woman I knew of a certain age who told me one of her abiding childhood memories was that her mother would invite tramps into her home and give them a cup of tea.

Apparently, their visits were seasonal and the same tramps would turn up at about the same season every year.

Tramps often featured in Richmal Cromptom's Just William books and were never portrayed as sinister perverts.

Will feminists try to challenge the clear link between feminism and female promiscuity, female promiscuity and the sexualisation of children, porn and paedophilia as well as the early sexualisation of children with paedophilia?

Of course not.  They will say sententiously that correlation is not causation and dismiss everything I say and call it misogyny.

Feminists only care about piling high their privileges, no matter who suffers.  They do not care that men suffer, or that the elderly suffer.  They do not care that the next generation suffers, or that even that their society will decline and fall.  All they care about is holding on to their privileges at all costs even though the sky falls in and your civilisation ends.  That is how selfish and stupid they are, and that is why feminism is evil.


"O you who believe! surely from among your wives and your children there is an enemy to you; therefore beware of them; and if you pardon and forbear and forgive, then surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful."

It is interesting, is it not, that Kevin Scott, Chairman of the British Democratic Party - an ethno-nationaliast party that you might have thought would care about the quality of the next white generation - has absolutely no interest in challenging the evil ideology of feminism.

So bereft of principle and courage is he that he would lower himself to accommodate the views of the Newcastle SSM than tell her plainly that the reason why the country is going to do the dogs is because of the poor reproductive decisions of promiscuous, immoral and irresponsible SSMs whose numbers increased the more feminism established itself in Britain and the West.

Stuart Hamilton Kevin Scott is claire khaw officially banned?  8 October at 19:49

Kevin Scott Hello Stuart, and thanks for your concern about the strange journey of Ms Khaw. As you say, no party (whether UKIP, BNP, Tory, Labour - I think she has joined or attempted to join them all!) will entertain her, so why does she think the BDP will be any different? She was given a chance a year or so ago to state her case on a public platform in Newcastle and failed miserably. She is a poor public speaker and had nothing to say other than the anti-immigration movement in this country should embrace immigrants (like her, obviously!) Everybody was very civil and polite to her and she was made to feel very welcome and given a chance to explain her position, both privately and from the platform. She even went native and sank a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale with the lads!! And that was the end of that!!! I do wish she would find another hobby or past time to occupy her time. Or even follow the advice of the anti-immigration parties she attempts to join and finds the courage to repatriate herself (as a good example to all those immigrants she wants to appeal to via her brand of 'civic nationalism'!) I hope that helped.  8 October at 19:59

Kevin ScottI hate to break the shock news to you, Stuart, but she has nothing useful or even that interesting to say. She is just grandstanding or pursuing some attention-seeking agenda to compensate for the nothingness (it sometimes happens to people from immigrant stock in a strange country) in her life.  8 October at 20:17

Kevin Scott  Criticise feminism (in the north east of England!)? Is she mad?  8 October at 20:49

Kevin Scott  (Unlike Claire,) I have knocked on thousands of doors and listened to thousands of ordinary people and although many of them had very strident views about the state of the country, particularly on politically incorrect subjects such as race and immigration, not once did anyone mention feminism, Leon. Sorry to disappoint you!  8 October at 20:55

If he is afraid of alienating SSMs in Newcastle because the white working classes there are no longer fit for purpose and can no longer compete with foreigners even in the field of unskilled manual labour and half of the people who make up the BDP's potential voters are female, then he should, like me, propose the narrowing of the franchise so that no one on benefits gets the vote under the principle of no representation without taxation.  It seems that Kevin Scott is not much into principles judging from the way he has abused his position as Chairman by keeping me out of the BDP while refusing to state full and proper reasons why I must be prevented from joining.  (I believe it is a combination of (a) not wanting more than one civic nationalist in the BDP; (b) not wanting anyone who might seem a better leader than he in the BDP; (c) wanting more "racial" Northerners to continue dominating the BDP; (d) fear of having the BDP associated with my antifeminism even as he knows as well as I do that John Tyndall if he were alive now would be campaigning for the repeal of the Equality Act 2010.)

I would have found it almost forgivable if Kevin is atheist and feminist but he is a in fact a Catholic, and should know the dysgenic consequences of not forbidding fornication.

Mao called this sort of thing "tailism".

"Tailism in any type of work is also wrong, because in falling below the level of political consciousness of the masses and violating the principle of leading the masses forward it reflects the disease of dilatoriness. Our comrades must not assume that the masses have no understanding of what they do not yet understand. It often happens that the masses outstrip us and are eager to advance a step and that nevertheless our comrades fail to act as leaders of the masses and tail behind certain backward elements, reflecting their views and, moreover, mistaking them for those of the broad masses."


snork maiden said...

You haven't explained the correlation between feminism and paedophilia, unless you're assuming that all homeless people are paedophiles and that all feminists invite them in for cups of tea.

Having read the transcripts of Kevin Scott it doesn't sound like he is in the thrall of demonic feminism, but more like he didn't think you would be an asset to his party, in part because you talked a lot about feminism, which his local electorate are apparently indifferent about.

Why don't you give up on politics and join a men's rights organization where your anti feminist agenda might be seen as relevant?

Claire Khaw said...

The link between feminism and paedophilia is explained at

Single mothers with council accommodation have a series of men living with them who may prey on their children or who may be accused of paedophilia in order to send them packing when she tires of them and wants them out quickly.

I am aware that Kevin Scott does not think feminism is a subject that comes up much between him and his potential voters, but that is not the point, is it?

The point is that feminism is a problem and you either want to address the problem, or ignore the elephant in the room.

I have investigated men's rights groups and they are completely useless. This is because their position is to apply to the matriarchy for the same rights women enjoy, eg the right to be househusband.

It is quite wrong of you to think that gender politics is not real politics.