Tuesday, 15 October 2013

More evidence that BDP Chairman Kevin Scott is not serious about his party

Basic Information

This man is the Chairman of the British Democratic Party and an ethno nationalist, but describes his political views as "other".

Are we to conclude that Kevin has given up on the BDP, in view of this vague statement of his beliefs and his declaration in September that he will vote UKIP in GE 2015?

Is this the equivalent of Gerald Ratner saying his jewellery was "total crap"?

Is it like putting your king in check and not realising that your opponent is about to say check?

If Kevin Scott has now given up on his party he might as well hand over the reins.

If he is handing over the reins, then why not to me?

There is no one else in the land who can make a silk purse out of this particular sow's ear, is there?  He might as well give me a go before the party is finally deregistered.

If all he is going to do is just sit around saying he will vote UKIP, why not give me the party and let me do something with it?

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