Monday, 28 October 2013

Questions to ponder on morality

  1. What is the space that is in between morality and law?  (The gap that lies between morality and law is the gap that lies between being a slut and an SSM. Being a slut is immoral, but not illegal, and I propose no punishment until the slut becomes an SSM attracting the punishment of 100 lashes.  The difference between a slut and an SSM is therefore the difference between a suspected criminal and a convicted criminal.)
  2. Can morality exist without law?
  3. Can law exist without morality?
  4. Is what is necessary always moral?
  5. What is the purpose of morality?
  6. Is the purpose of morality the long-term survival and health of your society?  
  7. Is there such a thing as liberal morality?
  8. Is liberal morality a contradiction in terms?
  9. Is it the totalitarian Equality Act 2010 that enforces liberal morality?
  10. If the purpose of morality is to engender social cohesion, how successful do you think liberal morality has been at this?  
  11. Is the sum of liberal morality healthy eating, sexual liberation, to not be homophobic, to not be racist, to not be sexist, to nurture the weak and stupid until their numbers overwhelm the strong and rational at general elections?
  12. Is liberal morality effeminate?
  13. Is the Equality Act 2010 and no-fault divorce the twin pillars of the matriarchy?  
  14. Is the patriarchy the lesser evil?
  15. If we are morally rational people should we not choose the lesser evil?  
  16. Does sexual morality influence general standards of morality?
  17. If most of the mothers in your country are SSMs,  most of your women sluts (ie fornicatresses), most of your children bastards and most of your men MCSFs (Morally-Compromised Slut-Fuckers),  do you think another group who does not suffer from these moral cancers easily defeat you in any human endeavour?  
  18. What are we to think of feminists who refuse to discuss sexual morality?
  19. Is feminism a moral ideology?  
  20. What are we to think of feminists who wish to deny the concept of slut?
  21. Is it not Orwellian the way feminists want to deny the concept of slut?  
  22. Why do you think feminists wish to deny the concept of slut?
  23. Do feminists wish to deny the concept of slut because most Western women are in fact sluts, ie fornicatresses?
  24. If most women in a society are fornicatresses, does it make most men fornicators?
  25. If most children are singly-parented, are these children likely to take on the vices of their single-parent who in the overwhelming number of cases would be their mother?
  26. Is the reason why most British men are now effeminate because they were brought up by their single mothers?
  27. Is men saying it is OK for their women to be sluts ie fornicatresses the equivalent of men handing over masculine and parental authority to women, with predictable results of decline and degeneracy?  
  28. Is the reason why British men refuse to discuss the low morals of their women because they know that if they acknowledged this, they would have to do something about it? 
  29. Is the reason why British nationalists (whom you would expect to care about the quality of their race) refuse to discuss sexual morality because they are the group and class of people most afflicted by this societal cancer and most frightened of losing sexual access to their women, who are overwhelmingly fornicatresses and SSMs?  
  30. Are women now so powerful that men now want to become women and are prepared to mutilate their genitals to do so?

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