Monday, 28 October 2013

The fact that no political party in Britain will have me is conclusive proof that it is a matriarchy

Below is an exchange on the subject of why no party would have me.  

Anonymous  Claire, there is no party would have you.

Claire Khaw  Because ...  ?

Anonymous  Claire, start your own party because no other party will have you, that is just a fact, like it or not.

Claire Khaw  Just give me a reason.  There must be so many, eh?

Anonymous  Why don't you ask them why they won't let you in?

Claire Khaw  I have tried to ask Kevin Scott [Chairman of the British Democratic Party].  First he says it is cos he didn't like my speech at the Newcastle meeting, and then it was my stance on feminism.  I just want an official reason.

It is very interesting the way they won't give me a proper reason.

I suppose they don't quite dare say to me "It is cos you are a tiddly wink, innit."

Or, they could say "It is cos you have blasphemed against feminism."

Or, they could say "It is cos you have insulted our women and we are afraid of associating with you cos our women will become angry with us and not have sex with us if we are seen to in any way endorse your views about our women."

Which do you think it is?

It wouldn't reflect very well on them if they were to tell me the real reason why, so that is why they are staying silent thinking I will just shut up and go away if they ignore me for long enough. They should know better though.

"We know who is in power by those we cannot criticise."

And we cannot criticise sluts, can we?

That the Traditional Britain Group also refuse to tell me why I am also persona non grata neatly demonstrates that posh or plebeian, all British men are afraid of British sluts, because they have the vote. To be fair to TBG, they are not a political party and are just a dining club, but they are probably to a man MCSFs.

Because men who are afraid of omega females instantly become omega males, it is not surprising that they are treated with contempt by the rest of the world.  The rest of the world thinks most white men are paedophiles, by the way.  Yet these white men who feel no shame continue to bury their heads deeper in the sand, for they have become women.  Denial is a feminine vice, after all.  


snork maiden said...

I don't actually see any proof here, just the usual inability to face up to the fact you aren't gifted with political acumen. Political parties want members who won't damage their credibility by obsessing about feminists and single mothers. Just ask David Icke, he was a respected celebrity until he started banging on about lizard people.

Claire Khaw said...

The difference between me and David Icke is that he cannot prove the existence of lizard people while sluts and feminism are everywhere, which no one can deny.

snork maiden said...

Yes feminism exists, but that doesn't prove Britain is a matriarchy. And the fact political parties keep turning you down doesn't prove that Britain is a matriarchy. All it proves is that you're wasting your time, especially when you've stated in other threads you have no personal political ambition, so why keep trying to join parties?

Claire Khaw said...

A patriarchy is a society that condones male promiscuity and a matriarchy is a society that condones female promiscuity.

The fact that no party will have me is explained by the fact that all leaders of political parties in Britain are omega males afraid of omega females. They are afraid of their omega females withdrawing sex from them and voting for another party.

To this I would say: "If you have just one political party that explains the cause of British malaise and in effect proposes to disenfranchise irresponsible and parasitical women who are promiscuous and bad mothers then British men would be able to hold their heads up again after denouncing and punishing them. Sex would still stay cheap because most of these SSMs would have to end up working in brothels after the Equality Act 2010 is repealed."

snork maiden said...

Yup, anonymous is right, you should start your own political party, as that rhetoric won't get you accepted anywhere.

As far as I was aware neither patriarchy nor matriarchy advocate promiscuity of either gender.

The idea you were expelled from the Conservative party because Samantha Cameron wouldn't sleep with David anymore is somewhat hilarious though.

Claire Khaw said...

To advocate something is different to condoning something. Look up the words in a dictionary and you will see the difference.

When did I ever say that I was expelled from the Conservative Party because of the marital problems of the Prime Minister and his wife??

snork maiden said...

You state repeatedly that the main reason men don't want you in their organizations is because they're afraid their women wont sleep with them anymore, as according to you all British women are sluts and will withhold sex if sluttish behavior is criticized. As Samantha Cameron is a British woman and David Cameron belongs to one of the organizations who has expelled you, your theories should surely apply to them as much as to anyone else.

Claire Khaw said...

I don't actually think I am on David Cameron's radar, but BDP Chairman Kevin Scott has explicitly stated that he does not find my views on feminism "helpful"

UKIP use their blanket-ban on ex-BNP members as their reason.

The BNP expelled me because of my comments about Riven Vincent's severely disabled daughter.