Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Khavian Principles of Civilisational Maintenance

Religion - or state ideology if you prefer - is key to the maintenance of your culture, identity and morality. This means simply the ability to preserve standards: moral, intellectual, technical, economic etc so that your civilisation does not decline and fall.

You can only preserve standards if you respect the institution of marriage because marriage provides the optimum conditions for rearing the next generation.

If you do not respect the institution of marriage (and this means not marrying, not having children, not having legitimate children or staying married, or withholding privileges from people who are not married) then your society will suffer.

Your society will suffer because children will not be subject to parental and masculine authority.

If you do not bring up your children properly, then the next generation might as well be an alien and hostile race, who will sneer at all the values you hold dear after they have trashed them.

The real enemy of Western men is not Muslims or immigrants, but really Western women and their illegitimate and badly brought up children.

YUSUFALI: Allah! There is no god but He: and on Allah, therefore, let the Believers put their trust.
PICKTHAL: Allah! There is no Allah save Him. In Allah, therefore, let believers put their trust.
SHAKIR: Allah, there is no god but He; and upon Allah, then, let the believers rely.
YUSUFALI: O ye who believe! Truly, among your wives and your children are (some that are) enemies to yourselves: so beware of them! But if ye forgive and overlook, and cover up (their faults), verily Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
PICKTHAL: O ye who believe! Lo! among your wives and your children there are enemies for you, therefor beware of them. And if ye efface and overlook and forgive, then lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
SHAKIR: O you who believe! surely from among your wives and your children there is an enemy to you; therefore beware of them; and if you pardon and forbear and forgive, then surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

Social conservatism can only be promoted and maintained long term by a religion that makes it a point of rewarding virtuous behaviour, because social conservatism is undeniably boring.  Most people prefer to party and not think of the future or the next generation.  Atheists only care about having as much fun before they die, or think "By the time X happens, I will be dead, thank God!"

Men and women are in fact different and think and do things differently, instinctively and inevitably, but feminism is the evil ideology that makes the government treat them the same causing misery and worse, inefficiency and raising the cost of labour, regardless of these in-built and undeniable differences.

Men and women behave in a tribal way, with men instinctively wanting things that benefit men at the expense of women, and vice versa.

When we have too much of a matriarchy, we will have feminine vices which usually means pissing away most our GNP on welfare and girly stuff, and when we have a patriarchy we will suffer from the masculine vices which means military expansionism and spending most our GNP on war and boy toys.  Both are equally ruinous to a nation's future and standing in the world.

What we need is a balance.  Where can we find the most balanced rules?  If you look at the Bible you will find that it is more patriarchal and gives women fewer rights than the Koran.

It is therefore the rules in the Koran that I propose to follow, because it is the only set of rules that allows us enough liberty to do what we want while restraining us from our worst instincts, with the most attractive idea of heaven.

Is saying this really so heretical?  Perhaps it is heretical to liberals, but not to socially conservative people of good sense and morals and the ability to accept the inescapable logic of their conclusions, I like to think, and it is that Britain needs a theocracy.

George Washington:

"We must indulge with caution the notion that morality can be maintained without religion."  

The longer we maintain our morality, the greater our standing in the world and the longer we stay in our position of being Top Dog.

It really is as simple as that.

America is no longer great because it is no longer good.

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