Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Khavian Theory of Sex for a Gender-Balanced Nation

Why oh why oh why do these nationalists hate and fear me so?

This is so unfair when all I have been trying to do is investigate and discover the case of Western malaise and help white men find their lost mojo.  

As Mao said, "To investigate a problem is to solve it."  I did investigate and made a diagnosis.  It was a diagnosis that is unpalatable, requiring as it does to slay the sacred cows that Westerners worship. Not only is it unpalatable, it is also irrefutable, and so even my detractors have given up saying "No, you're wrong, Claire, it just ain't so."

They cannot deny the correctness of my diagnosis because the things they sometimes say, especially when they complain about Cultural Marxism (when they really mean feminism) suggests that they too understand the problem a little.

But they only mention it en passant when they talk about fatherlessenss, bad parenting, single mothers and the secret family courts.

Fathers4Justice are absolutely terrified of complaining about feminism and it is also actually run by a woman.

The men at the BDP,  TBG and the London IONA Forum surely know what I mean, but they are making a point of not telling me why I am excluded from their meetings.

Is it my race? Could it even be that they find some of my ideas objectionable?  But which ones, I have so many?

I cannot be sure, but I suspect it is my uncompromising view that slut-shaming would cure the West of its malaise and blow its cobwebs away.

They cannot deny that lashing SSMs 100 times per illegitimate offspring would probably be the only thing that would stop these immoral and irresponsible women from bringing into existence the next generation of illegitimate disabled, retarded, obese and behaviourally-challenged NEETs.

Even abolishing the welfare state would not do the job quickly enough, because there are bound to be more than a few who will still get knocked up however much you warn them not to.

Therefore inflicting corporal punishment in a  public place is the only way of serving as a regular and effective reminder for women not to be sluts, especially sluts who go on to become SSMs.

I suppose these men don't want to acknowledge this brutal fact, and want to carry on complaining about the corrupt oligarchy that comprises our government as well as Jews, Muslims, Zionists, Islamists rather than do something that might actually work NOW.

The British are after all addicted to welfare, cheap labour, cheap sex courtesy of feminsim and it is undeniable that all my proposals threaten the sacred cows of the liberals and breach their taboos.

You would have thought that these men who fear for their nation, their race and their descendants would be interested in discussing things in a bit more detail, or invite me to give a talk so they can challenge me about my views, if only to reassure themselves that things are not as bad as I say they are, but not a bit of it.

I cannot prove it immediately, but I suspect that all these nationalist men have

  1. girlfriends who are fornicatresses
  2. wives who have friends who are fornicatresses
  3. daughters who are fornicatresses
  4. grand-daughters who are fornicatresses
  5. daughters whose  friends are fornicatresses
  6. male friends whose girlfriends are fornicatresses
  7. sons whose girlfriends are fornicatresses
  8. girlfriends who are SSMs
  9. daughters who are SSMs
  10. grand-daughters who are SSMs

In short, these men who claim to be so concerned about the quality of the white race are either SPOSSMs and/or MCSFs  

This means that what I am trying to do is the equivalent of trying to take the bottle out of the hands of a drunk, when he is bent on getting drunk.  

The problem is also identified by Markus Willinger of Generation Identity:

"We reject unrestrained sexuality more than any other generation. This is because for no previous generation in history has true love played such a great role as it does for us. Of all the things that you're devalued and destroyed, you've left us love. Truly, you've never really cared about love. You've despised it and sold it short. But precisely for that reason. you've never launched a frontal assault against it. It remained alive. And it became to our last place of refuge. So here we are this world of loneliness and fleeting happiness; we long for the person who can bring us to safety. It is our highest goal and our greatest happiness to find true love. Yet we are sexually promiscuous, drink hard, and settle for the second best. No one suffers more from this than we ourselves. /.../ The consequences of your 'sexual liberation' have us in a stranglehold. It is impossible to go out even even a day into the world without being greeted by half-naked men and women. All films, advertising, and magazines consciously manipulate sexual desire. So it is that desire grows, often in opposition to our love. When it's over and the wild, alcohol-soaked night is behind us, we regret what we've done. Often we feel sad because of it. This inner struggle, which each of us must win for himself, is also part of our identity. Yet we declare resolutely: we want to win it! A long road may lie for us, but in the end, the love within us will triumph over animalistic desire. For we are generation identity."

Sex with sluts is the opium of the white man.

Once the current state of affairs (ie the fact that most British mothers are SSMs, most British women are sluts and most British men are MCSFs) is reversed, you can be sure that a new culture and a new tradition will come out of this, like a phoenix from the ashes.

But first we must systematically and absolutely challenge the supremacy of feminism. The future of this or any society depends on whether the men of the West, who are mostly manginas, can control their women.  To control their women they must first take control of themselves.

To get better, you must first acknowledge that you are sick, see the doctor and take your bitter medicine.  If SSMs are making you sick then you must ask yourself where they come from.  SSMs come from sluts, just as butterflies come from caterpillars.

The trouble is that men - especially men who do not have much money and status - want sex to be cheap, and cheap sex can only come from sluts.

Once the government has created a moral environment in which most women are sluts from whom most men get most of their sex, then you will have an entire nation that is addicted to cheap sex.

To expect such men to voluntarily make sex more expensive for themselves is like asking hungry men if they want to pay more for food.

I do not expect the hoi polloi or the great unwashed to support me in this, but I was expecting just a bit of leadership from the great and the good, but the trouble with living in a matriarchy is that the great and the good soon become extinct.

This is because a society that is run by slut values turns all its men into beta males, if not omega males.

You would expect every animal group to be led by an alpha male. In our society the alpha male (in this case the British Prime Minister and all the men who are leaders of political parties in Britain) is afraid of the omega female ie the SSM  The omega female is the least desirable female.  If you were looking for a wife the SSM would be the least desirable kind of woman for you.  By allowing indiscriminate universal suffrage to operate and allowing SSMs to vote turns all men into omega males - the least desirable kind of male. There is no other class of male that is lower than that of males who are afraid of the worst of his women, is there?   Men who are afraid of women are considered the lowest of the low in courage and principle, because such men would be afraid of human beings who are in fact stupider and weaker than him, and therefore beyond contempt.  

I suppose it is possible that men detest being told that most of the women of their race and nation are immoral and that they are afraid of these immoral women.

But if a patient must have his leg amputated or he will die, then surely the only ethical thing to do is for the doctor to tell him so rather than sell him another bottle of snake oil?

It is clear that the cancer of the matriarchy has spread to all the major organs of state in the West.

“If you want to destroy any nation without war, create adultery or nudity common in the young generation.”
- Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub

If these men want anything to be done they must not fear to denounce feminism.  If they are too afraid to do it themselves, then they must get someone to do it for them.

I am a bullet in search of a gun, but I doubt UKIP, BNP or the BDP are brave enough to discuss sexual morality precisely because they fear alienating their female activists and voters.  


Pseudononymous said...

Why oh why oh why do these nationalists hate and fear me so? Because they don't like being exposed as hypocrites and weaklings.

But I think you're making a mistake: you're getting it the wrong way round. Sex isn't cheap nowadays, and that's the problem for British men. They see all these porno images and read about about how the immigrants are helping themselves to the white slags while they themselves get bogged down by career women and divorce settlements and child maintenance and rape claims.

I suspect that all these nationalist men would like girlfriends/wives who are fornicatresses. Sex with sluts is the opium of the white man, but it's a drug he seems incapable of enjoying.

British men aren't afraid of women, they're afraid to fuck women.

Claire Khaw said...

I would ban porn and forbid extramarital sex to reconsecrate the institution of marriage.

snork maiden said...

You'd ban porn and non marital sex? And you have to ask why British men don't want you around?

Seriously though, every time you get turned away from an organization you start ranting about how they must fear you and then start blaming feminism again, you then tear the organization to pieces in your blog before moving onto the next one.

Let's put it into a dating analogy. If a man is looking on say, Plenty of Fish, and he sees the profile of a woman who writes vitriolic condemnations of every man she's ever been out with, trust me, no one is going to ask her on a date.

You can blame feminism for everything that's wrong in your life, but isn't it time you took a bit of responsibility for your own failings?

Claire Khaw said...

Actually, I have had lots of men expressing interest in me, so they are not that fussy.

I am indeed saying that all political parties are crap and led by omega males who are also moral cowards afraid of omega females.

What failings have I?

snork maiden said...

'Actually, I have had lots of men expressing interest in me, so they are not that fussy.'

Don't sell yourself short Claire! But seriously that isn't what I meant, I meant that few men would vote for someone who wants to ruin their fun.

I'd say repeatedly trying to join political parties and being turned down is a failing. I'd say having an agenda on morality and no sensible means of implementing it beyond name calling is a failing.

Claire Khaw said...

There is no necessity for me to actually be a member of a political party to continue making my point, which is that in this country all the males are omega because they are too afraid of offending their omega females. To let me join their party would mean associating themselves with my views and this they cannot do without depriving themselves of sexual access to fornicatresses and the votes of fornicatresses and their running dogs.

The fact that all British men are omega males afraid of their omega females is the reason why they are held in such hatred, ridicule and contempt by the rest of the world.

The fact that they do not care that other races and nations think they are paedophiles is explained by the fact that they have no pride and no honour and cannot be shamed. This means that they are really no better than cattle whose only purpose is to be slaughtered, ultimately, or perhaps enslaved before slaughter.

My role is merely to continue making this point until the penny drops.

YUSUFALI: (The messengers were sent) thus, for thy Lord would not destroy for their wrong-doing men's habitations whilst their occupants were unwarned.
PICKTHAL: This is because thy Lord destroyeth not the townships arbitrarily while their people are unconscious (of the wrong they do).
SHAKIR: This is because your Lord would not destroy towns unjustly while their people were negligent.