Monday, 28 October 2013

The quality of the members on Plenty of Fish makes me weep for the British National gene pool

Having read about yet another false rape allegation made by a promiscuous woman, I thought I would check out this website that sounded like it should be called Plenty of Sluts, Plenty of Slags or Plenty of SSMs. suggests that the men are not much cop either.

The results were not pretty.

"I love aving nites in front of the tv watching a movie.. I enjoy going out with friends and family and aving a drink and a laugh... my favourite movies are anything with vin diesel or Jason statham in them... and family is wat matters to me the most ..."

"Just want to find a decent honest genuine man thats gonna give me the attention I need im not looking for anything to serious at the minute just want to get to know someone and see where it leads"

"im looking to meet new people who share the same interests as me i like goin to concerts spending time with my 2 kids and hangin out with friends. i like to be around people who are easy going"

"What to say,,I'm looking for someone with similar interests to myself,not living miles away,someone who can take care of themselves financially (I'm not a cash machine)"

"Hi  Im a single mum. Mite c,an old profile on here. Cant get on it 4got my email addy. Im up 4 a laugh n good times. Not in2 dirty chat and not in2 meetin up 4 1 nite stands,either" [A photograph of a large lady holding a bottle of alcohol to her lips accompanies this ad, perhaps to suggest fellatio.]

Some comments about a POF by a former user:

The creatures on Plenty of Fish are horrendous. The most vile, demanding, disgusting, unbalanced and delusional females you will ever have the misfortune to come across.. My profile was deleted because I used "Plenty of Bipolar" as the headline.

 With that said. I slept with 2 women from the POF website so it wasn't a complete waste of time. Though of all the sites I have trawled, POF is by far the one which makes me weep for humanity the most.

Fat, useless single mums who think they're going to meet a member of the royal family who'll sweep them off their feet.

What is so alarming is that so many of its female members are mothers. This surely cannot bode well for the next generation, can it?  


snork maiden said...

For someone who hates 'sluts' you certainly seem fascinated by them.

Claire Khaw said...

Of course I go on about sluts. If you were a doctor trying to cure a patient of cancer don't you think the nature of cancer cells and how they multiply ought to preoccupy you just a little?

Anonymous said...

I use that site.

And yes, there are a LOT of low quality women on that site.

Many of them -

are poorly educated
have tattoos and piercings
are ugly
are overweight
are single mothers
drink and smoke
can't even string a sentence together
have the IQ of a prawn

snork maiden said...

But a doctor trying to cure cancer supposedly attempts to find a workable remedy and treatment, as opposed to looking at pictures of tumors in order to be disgusted by them.

Claire Khaw said...

Look upon me as a doctor who has diagnosed a disease helpless against a patient who does not care if he lives or dies and who does not want to take his medicine.

Anonymous said...

Claire... view this one

Look closely at what it says at the end of the 'About' section!

Now what do you make of that? Come on now Claire, give me your verdict!

Claire Khaw said...

"Ready and willing! Hurry and put it up me before someone else does!"

That is my verdict of what that photo says about the advertiser.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but the fact is, she actually says in her profile that she loves sex and always swallows!

If that isn't a slut then I don't know what is

Claire Khaw said...

That profile is actually a very good one if you want to suck lots of cock. I bet she is one busy lady and I bet lots of men get hard immediately after reading that.

Wouldn't it be funny if she was some sort of female serial murderer?

snork maiden said...

You shouldn't have a problem with her Claire, she doesn't mention having any children. And she lives with family so isn't hogging a council flat.

And Anonymous, if you want higher quality matches, stop using a free site, or just narrow your search filters.

Claire Khaw said...

Snork, what is the likelihood of this slut who likes sucking cock and who always swallows of becoming an SSM?

50/50? Higher? Or lower?

What would you do with her if she were your daughter and you came across her ad?

Anonymous said...

Lower, obviously, if she literally always swallows.

snork maiden said...

Yes, I'd say lower for women who prefer oral sex.

I sincerely hope that no daughter of mine would be foolish enough to place such an ad, or have so little self esteem. Just because I don't approve publicly flogging women doesn't mean I approve of risky behavior, I just don't take as much pleasure in judging others.

Claire Khaw said...

When you complain that I am "judging others", do you mean you wish me to to cease and desist from commenting on the morality of British women because it is your view that this is a subject that must not be discussed? Why shouldn't it be discussed?