Sunday, 27 October 2013

Was it a condition of the Chief Rabbi's appointment that he attends Limmud?
Matters rabbinical start from the 20th minute

I wonder if I was a rabbi in a former life for this inordinate interest I am taking in Jewish affairs, to the extent that I find myself exhorting rabbis to be more Orthodox.  I am very concerned that they will end up like the lost souls of the Church of England, and then where will they be?

What is most interesting is that it is now rumoured that it was a condition of the Chief Rabbi's appointment that he attend Limmud.

My advice to the Chief Rabbi at remains unchanged.

If it is indeed true that attending Limmud was a condition of your appointment then of course you must attend Limmud and tell them the following:

  1. You cannot be a liberal and an observant Jew, which is a contradiction in terms.  If you think you can you can only be someone who invests more importance in form than substance. 
  2. You could carry on thinking you can enjoy your rituals without practising the morality of your religion, but all you will do is end up like the lost souls of Anglicanism who are now infested by liberals, feminists and Commie Pinko homos, and the angels will weep for you.  
  3. Judaism is more than the rituals Jews practise, it is the moral values they hold as Jews. Judaism is both a race and a state of mind that holds certain moral values. 
  4. There is a world of difference between saying sodomy is an abomination and gay marriage should be legal.  Jews who say they are cool with gay marriage should be stoned to death for blasphemy. 

If I were you I would keep attending Limmud for the purposes of railing at the perniciousness of feminism as a cancer to the cohesiveness of any people and society until the female and liberal and reform rabbis start to boycott Limmud in protest at my views. 

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