Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Was it Diane Abbott or Nick Griffin who was more responsible for preventing military strikes on Syria?
Diane Abbott could quit if Labour backs strikes on Syria
David Cameron expected to have enough backing to win Thursday's emergency vote on using force
Labour set to whip MPs over Syria as Diane Abbott warns she could resign
Shadow public health minister says intervention "would put me in a very difficult position" as Labour signals it will whip MPs in support of Miliband's stance.
Diane Abbott voices opposition to Syria intervention
Shadow public health minister says she would be in 'very difficult position' if Labour backs military strikes
Implications of the British Parliament's Syria vote by Diane Abbott herself.

Note how this modest woman did not even mention how she dug her heels in over the bombing of Syria.
BNP's Nick Griffin claims he 'influenced' Syria vote

I think it was Diane Abbott.

She is the only politician left who still stands up for principle and says what she believes to be the truth.  In the corrupt political environment we have her sacking was inevitable.

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