Sunday, 6 October 2013

What can we infer from Eurosceptic MPs who do not support Adam Afriyie's amendment on the EU Referendum Bill

  1. They are not Eurosceptic.
  2. They are racist.
  3. They do not want Adam Afriyie to succeed where they have failed.  
  4. They are cowards and lobby fodder who have been got at by their whips.  
Below are the 102 MPs who said they wanted a referendum and who should be supporting Adam Afriyie but are not because they are one or some or all of the above.

Those in the list but who refuse to support Adam Afriyie should be put on the BNP/UKIP hit list in the 2015 General Election.  

1.  Nick De Bois who is on the list is not supporting the amendment.

2.  Zac Goldsmith.

Trust Dan Hannan to be typically treacherous.  He is nowhere in politics really and can distinguish himself for accepting as his paymaster the very institution he seeks to withdraw from.  

3.  Chris Heaton Harris
4.  Marcus Jones


snork maiden said...

Hit list? Target? What exactly are you proposing the BNP do to a bunch of MPs who happen not to agree with you over Adam Afriyie's proposed amendment? Bully them into changing their opinion?

Claire Khaw said...

If only I could steal their lunch money, tear up their books, break their glasses or flush their heads in toilets in the time-honoured British way!

No, I am only asking them to search what passes for their souls and examine what passes for their consciences.

snork maiden said...

Tricky move, many people are more likely to stand their ground if you badger them. Especially when it sounds like all these people want is not to rush forward the agreed date of the referendum is because they believe it'll endanger its success, so you'd be alienating potential allies who only disagree about modus operandi rather than principle.

Claire Khaw said...

In politics, the people most dangerous to you are the people who are supposed to be behind you.

James Wharton is furious that Afriyie has stolen his limelight by proposing to table an amendment to his private member's bill.

I am sure they all hate him for being an uppity nigger and is able to do what they dare not do themselves.

They would rather not have the thing they really want than to allow him to take the credit.

That is the long and short of it.