Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What an ethno-nationalist should say when he adopts civic nationalism as a strategy

The standard reply for ethno-nationalists who have chosen to adopt the strategy of civic nationalism should be as follows:

"Within the rules of civic nationalism which is that of not proposing and supporting, either in public or private,
(a) apartheid
(b) the repatriation of non-white British citizens
(c) making non-white British citizens second class citizens
I shall promote the interests of my own race whenever it is moral and rational."

What is the point of this exercise, you ask?

Observe this exchange between a questioner and the conflicted answers an ethno-nationalist who has decided to adopt a civic nationalist strategy gives:

Q:  Are you a civic nationalist or an ethno nationalist?

A:  These days civic nationalism is a sine qua non for any nationalist party with serious aspirations.

Q:  Does that mean you support it as a strategy but are basically a racist?

A:  That is a loaded question. I support it as a strategy, but I do not welcome being outnumbered by other races in this country.

I suppose 19th Tories decided to give working men the vote because they knew that otherwise they would disappear - they needed people to share their ideals who were not born and bred members of the landed aristocracy.

Nationalists now need to find allies among non-whites - not because there are too few white people but because the nationalist movement can be too easily discredited if they do not.
Marine Le Pen is showing how successful this strategy can be in France.

Q:  Which races would you say you are most racist against on average?

A:  You seem to be ignoring my points in order to go on insisting I am 'racist'.
Not much future for this conversation, I feel.

Q:  I am not sure how black people will be any use to nationalists?

A:   1. Black people might not want to be forced into a postion where they always have to back more and more immigration just because they were once immigrants themselves.
2. If people are going to come here, they should integrate. If they cannot be integrated, they should not come to the UK.
3. The debate about nationalism is treated abusively by our enemies who will insist we are 'racist'. While racism is a normal enough instinct, the effect of being called racist is similar to being called a paedophile.
A serious nationalist party can therefore not be 'racist'. If members of the French Front National say anything racist they are simply expelled.
This type of party discipline accounts for FN's success. This is something that the ramshackle UKIP can only dream about.

Q:  You have sometimes been known to make racist comments yourself

A:   I am sure I have. Nevertheless the civic nationalist strategy is more likely to be successful, I think.

Q:   If black people know that somebody is a racist because of their past comments, will it not make them uneasy about that person? if they think they are only refraining from saying racist things as a short term strategy and have long term sinister ambitions for them

A:   The black people will have had racist thoughts of their own, I expect. You seem to think only white people can be racist while blacks are merely the victims of racism. This makes them far too passive.

Q:    Well if we invent a hypothetical race of green people (in the majority) and they have nationalists who made disparaging comments about the purple race (in the minority), then the green nationalists stop saying racist things and try and induce the purple people to cooperate, the purple people may be skeptical

A:   Whites are not always in the majority now in cities like Birmingham, London, Bradford and so on. So whites will have felt the effect of prejudice too.

The way I have stated that principle - the principle of not proposing or promoting as an ethno-nationalist either in public or private (a) apartheid (b) repatriation and (c) making non-white British citizens second class citizens allows the ethno-nationalist (which is just a polite term for racist really) to say that he is indeed an ethno-nationalist but MOST IMPORTANTLY makes clear that the non-white British citizen has nothing to fear from him.

It allows him to remain an ethno-nationalist while adopting a civic nationalist strategy without giving up his principles.

Observe how the interview would go if my strategy above were adopted:

Q:  Are you a civic nationalist or an ethno-nationalist?

A.  I am an ethno-nationalist who has adopted civic nationalism as a strategy.  

Q:  What on earth does this mean?

A:   This means that as an ethno-nationalist I will never propose or promote apartheid, the repatriation of non-white British citizens or making them into second class citizens.  However, within these rules, I shall promote the interests of my race whenever it is rational and moral to do so.  

Would you deny me my right to promote the interests of my race when it is rational and moral to do so?  

Q:   Er, no, I can't see any moral or rational reason to deny you this right.  

A:  Thank you so very much for allowing me the right to promote the interests of my own race when it is rational and moral to do so.  That is mighty generous of you.  

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